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How to Use Community to Increase Conversions with Elizabeth Henson

2024 predictions for how to grow your business are focusing in on this one thing: creating authentic connections and community. 

Elizabeth is the queen of cultivating community and supporting entrepreneurs to do the same in as little as 1-2 hours a week. 

Inside this episode she’s going to share with you simple steps to grow a community of raving fans without having to spend hours slaving over content.

Also in this podcast episode, Elizabeth and I discussed:

  • How we both structure our work schedules so that it aligns and fits with our lives
  • How to cultivate a community of raving fans and authentic connections
  • How your menstrual cycle impacts your leadership and how you lead your team
  • Why separating ego and intuition contributes to a better self-awareness
  • The importance of focusing on engagement and core values rather than just chasing big numbers

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Henson is the owner of Elizabeth Henson INC., founder of The Messy Success Podcast®, and The Community Growth Lab®. Elizabeth has become the go-to expert in community based marketing and leadership. She helps six and seven figure companies become pro’s at building and maintaining large communities that turn into marketing machines. Elizabeth’s signature system for building, nurturing, and monetizing communities has changed the landscape of digital marketing. She gets businesses out of the content generating hamster wheel and into relationships that leverage their authority. Elizabeth is also a BBD Plus Coach and Sales Pro for James Wedmore. 

You can find Elizabeth working from home while jamming to 90s music! She loves hot yoga, and her core values are simple: To be creative and operate from her highest good, while inspiring others to do the same. Our Community Based Marketing Agency and online course is built around a unique 5 step framework that masters community building and Email marketing. 

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