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How to Get Other People On Board with Decluttering

How to Get Other People on Board with Decluttering

One of the most recurring questions that came up during the last Great Clutter Clear out was, “how do we get others on board with decluttering?” It’s impossible to have a clean home when we’re the only ones cleaning and the rest of the family continues the mess, am I right?

How to Get Your Family on Board with Decluttering -110

I got you, mama!

I’ve been there. And after a lot of trial and error, I’ve figured out ways to get them on board. In this episode, I will first share with you the tips. Second, I’ll tell you why it is a mistake to focus on this problem.

When I first started to declutter, there was a lot of resistance from my family (they didn’t want me to to get rid, nor touch their stuff!) So instead, I focused on decluttering my own things and space. Although inevitably, shared spaces will eventually get messy again and the cycle of nagging at the family begins. It’s a common cycle for moms!

That is why we should adjust how we communicate. Highlight the “wins” or benefits that they will get when they embark on the decluttering journey. Because it’s not just having a clean house, It’s about having those deeper core values of how you want your family to live. What are your priorities?

And for our family, creating adventures and memories is a huge thing. We value life experiences such as going to the beach or signing up for classes. So we agreed to prioritize our time and money on those things more than spending time and money on stuff.

This is just one of the many ways to get the family on board. So tune in to discover more of them! (See also: unlocking the power of decluttering.)

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • Figuring out what would motivate our kids to clean
  • How to make decluttering fun for the family
  • Getting the spouse to help
  • Tips to gain more patience
  • Creating shared goals with the family

“Give your family space to grow into their decluttering habits.” -Renae Fieck

We also need to understand that it’s going to take some time for the family to form these new habits (research says that it takes about a year!) So don’t get flustered when they miss some days or can’t do it perfectly right away… because decluttering is a learning process!

If you missed the last Great Clutter Clear out, sign up as waitlist for the next one!

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