clear out the clutter

IN as little as

15 minutes a day  

…without selling the kids, losing your sanity, or becoming a master organizer

A proven system for Busy Moms who want to end the mess & chaos for good,

enjoy relaxing in their home, have more time with their kids and do more things that they love!

I can almost guarantee if you’re reading this, you are SO over the constant clutter.

And I’m also guessing, you didn’t become a mom because you wanted to spend all day cleaning.

Most women I know were dreaming of snuggles, laughter, and making memories with their kids. 

But instead the exhaustion, frustration, and daily hamster wheel of constant cleaning and never getting it clean….can leave even the most organized mom feeling short on time and lacking many of the enjoyable moments.

Maybe you’re spinning your wheels trying to tidy up all the stuff and clutter so that you can actually relax, but the mess never seems to go away.
And let’s be real….
the stress and anxiety from the mess everywhere is no joke. 

tell me, any of these apply to you?

You’re working so hard each day trying to get it all done, and still going to bed at the end of the day feeling like nothing got done.

You want to be able to enjoy your home but the stuff just stresses ya out.

You’d like to take a break once in a while without thinking about all the stuff.

You’re constantly feeling like something’s missing. Because no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to change. 

You know you want to get rid of stuff and focus more on memories, but you aren’t quite sure how.

Everything feels scattered…the house, your calendar, your brain, your sanity! You wish it would all just slow down!

You’re tired of being snippy with the family.

You’re ready for more joy in the day-to-day and create the life you dreamed motherhood would be.

if you said yes,

….it’s time for a clutter clearing, space creating, joyful mom life reset.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the house could be tidy for longer than 10 minutes??

The constant noise, shuffling from one thing to the next, the never ending to do list, the constant cleaning up, can lead ya to…feeling so worn thin, anxious, and overwhelmed.

People say “enjoy this season” or “excuse the mess, the kids are making memories.”

But what they don’t tell the mess is causing stress.

You want to be a good mom, but no matter how hard you try, it’s also really hard to stay sane when the house is in chaos. 

It can be frustrating to feel so stuck between being a good mom, keeping your sanity, and not having a disaster of a home.

Trust me, I get it. I’m guessing you’re like me, and you never thought you’d be “that mom”  feeling stressed and anxious with all there is to do.

It’s so easy to beat yourself up and start questioning your parenting skills and wondering if it’s really all worth it.

I can’t tell ya how many of my clients have come to me feeling like they are a bad mother.

Because they were stressed out in their home and felt like they never had time for anything, much less their kids. 

There was never enough time in a day.

I mean…no one gave us a handbook when we received the title of “mom.”

Not many of us had anyone show us how to manage all the many hats mothers wear AND do it while keeping our sanity.

So really, it’s not your fault… you’ve been doing your best trying to figure it out with the tools you were given.

You just need better tools. 

Most moms think that in order to have a cleaner house, they just have to clean more, organize more, or sell the kids, but the truth is, the real culprit is the clutter.

And if you don’t clear out the clutter, you risk spending tons of time cleaning and organizing, spinning around and around on the daily hamster wheel, to find yourself still not having time to be with your kids.  

And realistically, likely not ever achieving a clean house either…

You see, the clutterfree moms have realized that keeping a tidy house is only ONE piece to the clutterfree life.

And unless you have the 3 core ingredients to a clutterfree life, you’re going to continue struggling and likely succumbing to the clutter battle. 

and what might happen if you DON’T clear the clutter??

If I were to guess, continuing to live with the clutter, will likely keep you on the road towards burnout, feeling anxious and overwhelmed each day.

Your relationships may be on the rocks, with life full of nagging, fighting, bitterness, and likely resentment…and loneliness.

That feeling of being 10 steps behind all the time, never taking a break without feeling guilty, and still stressed with the mess everywhere.

It can leave ya feeling full of regrets and never quite enough.  

Is that the mom you desire to be??

and Here's the Secret...

with less stuff, simple habits, support, and a clutterfree mindset

you can spend less time tidying, more time relaxing with your kids, and actually enjoy living in your home

Imagine if...

You spent less time cleaning and still had a tidy house.

Life no longer revolved around the constant to do list or expectations which you can never achieve.

You found rest & peace amidst your day to day.

You felt like you actually had enough time to play with your kids and make memories as a family

You finally felt less stressed and anxious when you looked around your home.

It felt like you FINALLY had enough time.

That person that claims it’s impossible to have a clean house, happy kids and a sane mom just has not been introduced to Your Life Clutterfree!

Because having a clean house, happy kids, and a sane mom….is in fact possible!

but making the change on your own

is harder than you think

Seems pretty straight forward, right?

Pack a few boxes, get rid of the clutter and all’s good.

Unfortunately, not.

How many people do you know that have bounced from diet to diet or between a multitude of exercise routines and still struggle to get results?

They know what to do, yet actually doing it isn’t so easy.

The same thing happens when it comes to moms wanting more space. 

Maybe you know how to declutter.  Maybe you’ve even tried.

Yet the clutter comes back. Something just doesn’t seem to stick.

So if you know what you need to do, why is it such a struggle?



Because you already know that no matter what you change in your home isn’t going to matter unless we change the way you think.

The clutter in your home is a reflection of the clutter in your mind.

And that clutter is what’s keeping you stuck.

If you want off the hamster wheel and to create the space you desire in your home, you have to uncover the hidden clutter that is creating your blind spots.

Only then can you find the freedom to create the peace and joy you desire

And I will help you make that transformation…


your life cluttterfree

your life clutterfree isn’t a course

…it’s a complete transformation

that will change you from overwhelmed & stressed out into a peaceful & joyful mom

You'll discover the thoughts and beliefs that are hiding in your blind spots and keeping you from creating space like you desire

You'll get clarity on your priorities and take control of your time

Become a part of a no-judgement community of women determined to see you succeed

You'll get tried and true systems to clean less and play more

You'll gain the tools and habits to trade out the endless to do list

You can finally have the time to spend with your kids making memories, feel less stressed and overwhelmed with all there is to do in your home, and feel like you can breathe again.




I actually have fun washing my dishes now because of the feeling…

the joy that I get when I wake up in the morning and everything is quiet. And I look at my kitchen and my counters and it’s clear and there’s nothing on my couch, nothing on my stand and just having just that emptiness without it being empty.”



“I think people get lost in the thing of, ‘Oh my God, I’ve just got so much.’ 

And yes, my bedroom was like that. And I just went, ‘Well, I’m going to start with that box over there…’


And I wouldn’t have worked through all of these issues that I’ve got and I wouldn’t have clicked OR IF I HADN’T, IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN ME A LOT LONGER.”



File_000 (1)

“This group came into my life at a time when I needed it most. The unit classes and video calls have been so eye-opening and enlightening. 

I felt alone, disconnected, and overwhelmed; but  AFTER EVEN JUST ONE WEEK I HAVE ALREADY EXPERIENCED SO MANY POSITIVE CHANGES.  Renae has given me tools to pick up the pieces and turn my situation around.”



“I love the freedom of having a clear floor. 


And even if I have a rough couple days and fall off, I can always get back on the wagon.”



And now it's time to take back your
home and your sanity!

All you need is 15 minutes a day, a cup of coffee, your pj’s and a couple of bags or boxes, and

Your Life Clutterfree

 A comprehensive program for not only clearing out the clutter but keeping it out for good!

The to-do list no longer needs to rule your life. 

let me show you what’s waiting for you inside 

once you become a member…

7 self-paced modules 

designed to trade physical clutter for a cleaner house

Creating your dream space

  •  Uncover the secret as to why it’s not JUST about filling a few boxes of clutter.
  • Establish the motivation that will empower you to transform any room in your home into a clutterfree space.

activate your decluttering super powers

  • Not sure where to even begin?? We’ve got you! We’ll show you exactly where and how to get started.
  • Gain the questions you NEED to actually help let go of clutter for good.
  • Learn the ONE thing that will change not just your home but your ENTIRE life.
  • Know exactly what to do with the sentimental stuff without losing the memories

let's clear it out for good

  • Understand WHY we hold onto stuff and why we NEED to let it go.
  • Learn how to ensure your house stays clutterfree instead of piling back up in 6 months from now.
  • Understand how the physical clutter is just one piece of why you’re feeling overwhelmed with the endless to do list and what you can do about it.
  • And once you know WHAT we want to get rid of, know exactly what to DO with it too.

power in the small habits

  • Learn why it doesn’t have to be 1 massive weekend but how you can gain a clutterfree home with just 15 minutes a day.
  • Simple habits to make your decluttered home last forever, not just a few weeks (or days!).
  • How to maximize your efforts with proven and tested resources and hacks.

teamwork makes the dream work: Getting others on board

  • Understand how to work WITH your family, rather than nagging them.
  • Family tested and mom approved tools to make cleaning and decluttering fun and motivating.

transforming each area of your home

  • Navigate room by room so you can take it at a pace that works for your life.

Clearing Out the Kitchen

  • Uncover the number one reason the kitchen is the most important room in your house to declutter.
  • Discover how to clear out your kitchen in less than 15 minutes at a time.
  • The truth about how decluttering impacts your health.
  • Discover how clearing out your kitchen can set you up for an awesome day.

Mastering the bedrooms

  • Learn how decluttering your closet can help increase your confidence and self-image.
  • How to organize your drawers so that you actually wear what you own.

Transforming the toy chaos

  • Proven strategies to get the kids on board.
  • Uncover the reasons why you hold onto things and how you can release it.
  • Create your own toy rotation system that fosters independence AND a cleaner space.

becoming a paper master

  • Know exactly what to do with each piece of paperwork that comes in…from kid’s school paperwork to every day mail.
  • Gain a tried and true quick win filing system and organizing hacks so that you’re spending less time organizing papers.
  • Love the artist, but not the stacks of paper? Learn to how to save the kids’ art without the overwhelm of paper.

You’ll also get…

live coaching, Support & Your Clutter Clearing Community

6 reasons you need these coaching calls & community support

Surround yourself with other women who will help you rise out of the clutter together and keep up momentum

Get behind the curtains and gain all my hacks, habits, and systems so that you can implement and create your own clutterfree life

Get live feedback, support, and all your questions asked

Receive bonus training and support like no other

Understand how to translate the principles of decluttering to every area of your life so that you wake up happy and begin living your best life

A clutterfree lifestyle is more than filling boxes. Inside this community, we help you uncover what YOU need to do to unlock your clutterfree life

You will never feel like you’re doing it alone when you’re apart of our community!

If it’s possible for me and my clients, 

it’s possible for you too

“I didn’t know where to start and then I stumbled across the Great Clutter Clear Out. Little did I know that I was going to declutter all aspects of my life. I realized many areas of my life were cluttered. I could never sit still because stuff always needed to get done….I had never considered the negative impacts the clutter was having on my health and other areas…and I raised 250GDP by decluttering my home in just 2 weeks!”


“My husband and my daughter love when I’m a part of the group because they know I feel better….I’ve decluttered not just my home but myself as well. I’ve even lost 12 lbs.”


It’s not magic. 

And it’s certainly not about living a perfect life (what the heck is perfect anyway) or even an organized life. 

But it is possible to transform from exhausted, overwhelmed, and burdened to relaxed, peaceful, grateful and joyful and find that extra time and space you crave to have.

You can spend $100/hour for a professional organizer. But how much time do you think it would take them? Quite possibly costing you $1000s.

I’ve worked with 100s of moms who have been able to create space in their homes, calendars, and minds.

My inner circle members invest $1200 to work with me in an intimate setting for just 8 weeks. 

But I want to get this into the hands of as many moms as possible

…because no mom deserves to be living stressed out and feeling the hamster wheel of daily chaos and mess. 

These are the tools I teach my inner circle members but at a fraction of the cost to you.

Which is why you can join in for an investment of just $189.

And when you compare that to what you’ll gain….

happier kids, a cleaner house, and your sanity back…

it’d be crazy not to join in.

Your Life Clutterfree

Your Complete Guide to Living Clutterfree
  • 7 Self-Paced Modules for Clearing Out the Physical Clutter
    + All Future Updates (Value $399)
  • Ongoing Private FB group, Support and Accountability Pods (Value $1000)
  • 30 Days to Clutterfree Journal (Value $27)
  • Clutterfree: Complete Home Checklist (value $17)

Your Life Clutterfree +
The Accelerator

  • 7 Self- Pace Modules for Clearing Out the Physical Clutter
    + All Future Updates (Value $399)
  • Ongoing Private FB group, Support and Accountability Pods (Value $1000)
  • 30 Days to Clutterfree Journal (Value $27)
  • Clutterfree: Complete Home Checklist (value $17)
  • 12 Months Access to Rising Moms Club (Value $1000)
  • 6-1:1 Support Calls (Value $1200)
  • Rising Moms' Rise Above Journal for Rising Above the Chaos (Value $18)

Enroll in Your Life Clutterfree TODAY with 

—— THREE Easy Installments——


Satisfaction guarantee

a simple guarantee with big results

When you join into this course, I will GUARANTEE that with this program and just 15 minutes a day, you’ll see your home and life transformed…


No questions asked! Just send us an email anytime during the first 30 days and we’ll happily refund you.



Because it’s always more fun to have some extra goodies!


30 Day Challenge: Become a CLUTTER MASTER 


clutter master

30-day Guided challenge

We'll guide you through one SIMPLE declutter challenge task a day so you find freedom and space in your home.

No more wondering where to start, what to do, or feeling overwhelmed with clutter.


Create space in one area, one day at a time so that you aren't left feeling overwhelmed or unsure of what to do next.

tools to create your cleaner home

The tools to create a cleaner home in just 15 minutes a day.

The secrets to maximizing your time so you can focus on those things that matter most instead of only the household chores.

(value $79)

BONUS #2: 

Decluttering Quick Start Guide

decluttering decision tree

If you aren't sure what to keep and what to get rid of, walk through this decision tree to make clearing the clutter super simple and easy.

sentimental Items quicksheet

Wondering what to do with sentimental items? Use this quick sheet for how to handle the sentimental clutter

Simplified shopping guide

Have a plan when you head to store can help you master your shopping. Decluttering is JUST as much about intention with the flow of items in as it is with getting rid of stuff in your space.

covid contactless decluttering

We get it. Decluttering right now is NOT the same as it was a year or so ago. Yet that doesn't mean we can't declutter. We've scoured the internet for you to find a list of "contactless" decluttering resources so that you can get the stuff out of the house as easy as possible.

(value $59)

BONUS #3: 

Become a Digital Clutter Superstar

digital clutter

master the busy inbox

Distance learning, work from home, and just, well, life has created so much digital noise and clutter. Gain hacks and strategies to manage the inflow.

curb the notifications

We all know social media can become a vortex and suck away our time. Inside you'll gain tools to make social media work FOR you not the other way around.

savor the memories

I'm guessing you might be like love the memories and the photos, but not the massive amounts of them or managing them. Gain practical ways to organize and manage your photos so you save the memory, not the stress.

(value $59)

So Let's Recap...

When you join the Your Clutterfree Home you get access to support, community, coaching, and training that will transform you from struggling and overwhelmed to thriving and peaceful.

Instant Access to 7 Self-paced modules for clearing physical clutter + All Future Updates

Value of $399

monthly live group support and coaching

Value of $1000

Ongoing private fb community, support, and accountability pods

Value of $1000

clutterfree: Complete home checklist

Value of $17

30-day Clutterfree Journal

Value of $27

BONUS #1: the clutter master challenge: 30 day guided challenge

Value of $79

Bonus #2: Decluttering quick start guide

Value of $59

Bonus #3: Become a Digital clutter superstar

Value of $59

That’s a total value of $2640 for only $189

This is For you if…

Now, you get to make a choice…

As you know, you can choose to do nothing, and nothing changes. 

You could keep struggling to keep up with the mess, clutter, anxiousness, and feeling like you lack the time for anything you actually want to do.

But if you already know you want…

    • A cleaner house with less time cleaning
    • To feel less stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed each time you walk into your house
    • Actually have time to make the memories with your family you desire to create
    • To get off the daily hamster wheel and constant exhaustion

…then now is your chance to click the button below and join in with us.

Your Life Clutterfree is only open for 4 days!

My team and I are standing by to help you transform your home and space so that you can spend less time cleaning, organizing and tidying and more time playing, having fun, and relaxing!  

Questions??? I got ya!

Me: I hear you! I know that feeling. When life is crazy and it seems like one more thing will tip ya over, it’s hard to add anything in. But if what you’re doing is keeping you strapped on time, when will it ever change…unless your open to trying something different?


Time is the number one reason I created this course. If you never have enough time and are always late, this is where you need to be.

This will add time back into your day.
It’s designed to work with your life…

Me: I have soooo been there! I’ve spent so much money in online courses. And honestly, some haven’t been worth my money. I’ve been disappointed and frustrated with feeling I’ve wasted money. So I’d NEVER want to do that to you. You’re free to cancel at anytime. No obligations!

Me: Summer’s starting, Christmas is coming.There’s always something.
If we’re being honest, it’s never the right time when you have kids. But do you want to wake up as your children move out, regretting not savoring those precious years. Since the day they were born, your schedule has been a mess – right? Until you decide you want to make the change, you’ll never have the time.

Me: Of course! This is not for the “perfect moms who finish everything”. There’s no need to add another thing to feel like a failure. This is for the mom who wants to be able to celebrate the wins in life. I made this with the crazy-busy messy-life woman.

For as long as the course exists, you’ll retain ongoing access and to all future updates too!

While we’d say “lifetime”, a lifetime is a long time and we’re never really sure what the future holds. So if there was ever a time when the course ceased to exist, you would be notified and given access to download all content so you could further retain access.

Community is powerful in helping to hold us accountable, share our highs and struggles.  The fb group is an added bonus and support for motivation and encouragement. However, all course content will be accessible off of fb. So even if you’re decluttering your social media, you’ll gain access to all course countent.

I hear ya 1000%. And there’s really no other way to say it, but you need this course.

It doesn’t matter how little or how much clutter is in your life, we’re going to show you exactly how to start, how to build momentum, and actually make progress so that it feels light, easy, and fun!

Meet the Founder

Renae Fieck

This is me...

Mama, I am so excited you’re interested in joining Your Life Clutterfree

I know this will transform your life.

I’m Renae Fieck, and I help moms who feel overwhelmed with the daily to-do’s create space and rest within their lives, without feeling like they’re neglecting their families, themselves, or those passions they may have tucked away since becoming a mom.

I’m a mompreneur, podcaster, speaker, and the founder of the Rising Moms Club. 

There’s nothing more rewarding for me than to see my clients lives changed–for them to step into the happy thriving and joyful mom they desire to be. 

I promise i’m not perfect…nor super organized!

But this works…

even without tons of time, being perfect or uber organized

And I want you to have that too

ready to
clear the clutter?

When you fill in your email below, we’ll send it right over to you so that you can start clearing out the clutter and gain back your time!

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