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Stories of Rising Moms: Unlocking the Power of Decluttering with Helen Hayes -74

Stories of Rising Moms: Unlocking the Power of Decluttering with Helen Hayes

Decluttering can change everything

I know I have shared a lot about how decluttering can literally transform your life for the better. Having spacious and peaceful surroundings can manifest in your home, but also to your state of mind.  (See also the myths and misconceptions of decluttering.)

Stories of Rising Moms: Unlocking the Power of Decluttering with Helen Hayes -74I need to emphasize that creating this space doesn’t just ditch the daily chaos, It also gives you more space to come back to yourself. The space to do the things you are passionate about. The space to unlock your potential.

I am also aware that decluttering doesn’t come easy for everyone. It didn’t come easily for me until I found the right tools, strategies and most importantly, community. Now I am motivated to share it to other moms who want to have that happy life, too.

Rising mom, Helen, is here with us to share how her life transformed from drowning and coping to a life full of passion and inspiration.

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • What to do when you’re losing momentum
  • Where to start in your decluttering journey (and more decluttering tips!)
  • How you can shift your thoughts to work for you
  • The power of changing the way you think
  • What positivity is really all about

“A small shift in your mind can change the direction of your life.” -Helen Hayes

You gain a certain freedom when you let go of beliefs that are not serving you. And the journey towards a stress-free, abundant life starts from taking the leap of trust— with yourself and in your community.

Join the Great Clutter Clear Out to start your decluttering journey!

Meet Helen

Helen Hayes is a Speech and Language Therapist who specialises in working with children who have special needs, with special focus on Down Syndrome and Autism. She is in the process of building up her independent therapy business by providing Singing, Signing and Storytime sessions, individual therapy sessions and delivering communication training. She is currently working as an additional Support Needs Auxiliary in a specialist provision nursery in order to gain more experience of working with children as well as helping to pay the bills.

Helen lives in Musselburgh, Scotland with husband, Matt, and two children Daniel (18) and Noah (8). Her eldest son has Downs Syndrome and her youngest is currently being assessed for ADHD.

Since December 2018, when she had to take time off sick due to personal circumstances, she went on a journey to change the pace of life and look at what her personal priorities were. Helen knew she has to change and started her decluttering journey and empowering herself to make changes. She got so far and then stalled.
At the end of 2019, things started to change. She shifted her personal mindset and reconnected with people who had not been in her life until that point. This has now enabled her to progress on with her journey once more. She has been able to declutter physically as well as emotionally.

Helen made a huge step forward into becoming the person she meant to be and she can’t wait to share her journey with you.

Check out her page: Singing, Signing and Storytime with Helen

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