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Stories of Rising Moms: Finding Pockets of Joy with Paula Sanchez -73

Stories of Rising Moms: Finding Pockets of Joy with Paula Sanchez

One of the things that gives me motivation is seeing more moms join me in the journey towards a happy, clutterfree life. Though I’ve also heard a lot of moms who think that it’s impossible to have it all- a happy mom with a clean home and happy kids.

The Rise of Joyful Moms

Stories of Rising Moms: Finding Pockets of Joy with Paula Sanchez -73But believe me, there’s nothing crazy unique about having all of them at the same time! In fact, you only need to be consistent in doing a few things and everything else will follow.

That’s why I’ve been able to share my knowledge and tools that I have so other moms can have that life too. And one of them is Rising mom Paula, and she’s here to tell us how the simple act of decluttering drastically changed every aspect of her life. (See also 4 unexpected reasons why you need to declutter.)

“There are more pockets of joy in everyday that you can bring into your heart.” 

-Paula Sanchez

I am hopeful that this episode will encourage you that you can have this type of life too. Our dream of having a society filled with joyful and thriving mothers is possible!

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • Prioritizing yourself when it’s hard
  • How and where to start decluttering
  • The importance of investing in yourself
  • Gaining back control in your life
  • Why skepticism holds you back
  • How you can create more time for yourself

The reason I do what I do is for all moms to become more joyful. It brings me joy to see moms like Paula achieved that great feeling in life, too. It is totally possible to achieve that great feeling of joy. You can move forward by having the right foundational tools and strategies that you keep.

On June 18, we are kicking off the Great Clutter Clear Out! Just head over to It would be a great start for you to start clearing out your mind, the clutter and the chaos that’s been holding you back in life!

Meet Paula

Paula is 33 years old, born in Colombia but moved to Texas when she was five and has been there since. She has 2 daughters, ages 7 and 4. She works full time as a Montessori guide for the last 10 years and is currently in a toddler classroom ages 18 months to 3 years. For Paula, it felt like she went to work and came back home to continue “working” since her kids were around the same age. She loves her kids and her job but she was tired and burned out— until she decided to become a Rising Mom.

Instagram: @paula0109

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