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4 Unexpected Reasons Why You Need to Declutter with Renae Fieck

4 Unexpected Reasons Why You Need to Declutter

4 Unexpected Reasons Why You Need to Declutter with Renae Fieck In today’s episode I’ll be sharing with you about decluttering. BUT these are all the ones you hadn’t necessarily thought about. If you’ve been following me, you know the decluttering has been a huge part of my journey.

If you have listened to my Episode 1 (Motherhood’s Rock Bottom), I shared how I hit my rock bottom motherhood moment. And decluttering my space and getting rid of things in my home has been one of the pivotal things that I have done in my life. It helped me create more space, help me become more calm, patient, and among other things. Now dive in with me to learn a few unexpected of reasons on WHY you need to declutter:



1. You’re Going to Sleep Better

Research shows that people who have a cluttered space— whether at home, office, table, etc,  actually spend their days feeling more exhausted and wiped out. Now this is not just a personal insight, but is also a fact supported by research. There are a couple of reasons why I think this is the case.

I go to bed with a whole lot more peace if my nightstand is cleared off and there’s nothing piled up on the floor. If I come in and there’s stuff everywhere, it’s difficult to fall asleep as our mind shifts to the ‘many’ things that are needed to be done.

On top of that, there are toxins and dust that have been collected in your uncleaned room. And it’s going to impact your sinuses and breathing. Then sleep is not going to be not quite as restful for you. It not only affects your health over all, but it also affects how we are able to breathe in our sleep. So if you’re feeling tired and exhausted all the time, maybe it’s time to look at the space around you and declutter.

2. You will Lessen Your Stress

There’s a loooot of studies out there that show how the amount of clutter in your home increases your level of stress.

Okay. I have met a lot of people who tell  me that they operate just fine in cluttered spaces. But clinically, most people are more efficient, calmer, and are less stressed with less (unnecessary) stuff in their spaces. So if you are feeling stressed all the time, decluttering can be a very simple way to break that stress cycle. You don’t want to deal with the overeating, over exhaustion, and other over-effects that comes with the stress, right?

“When you have decluttered home, you’re going to feel like you have less stuff to do.” – Renae Fieck

3. You’ll Gain More Friendships

Guess what? Another study has shown that people with cluttered houses actually don’t have as strong as friendships than those with less stuff.

Now I’m a firm believer in inviting people over to your house regardless of what it looks like because that is how you’re going to create meaningful relationships. However, if you have a cluttered home, it may inhibit you from inviting people over and spending time with your friends!

When you have decluttered home, you’re going to feel like you have less stuff to do. Thus you can schedule your time to have more catching up activities outside your home. When was the last time you’ve had your girls’ night out?

4. You’ll Get More Intimate with Your Spouse

Yes. I am not making a mistake in mentioning that. But decluttering your home can affect your relationship with your spouse, including your sex life.

Imagine coming into your home, and feeling like there’s less to do (i.e. a pile high dishes dishes, laundry and toys to pick up on..etc.) One, you’re gonna feel less stressed. Two is you’ll be comfortable sitting down and talking with your spouse, have an intimate conversation and CONNECT. And by connecting we mean more than just shuffling kids from place to place, and discussing who’s responsible for what. If you act like mere business partners in this game of life because of the many stuff to do, there’s not a time for these intimate conversations, and moments.

I admit, one of the main trigger for the arguments between me and my spouse is when the house is totally chaotic. Us moms have the tendency to get overwhelmed and irritated (at our husbands) when we get home to a scattered house and see our spouse sitting (and seemingly relaxed.)

So if you feel overwhelmed or disconnected with your spouse more often, try decluttering your house to see how much of the house clutter is making an impact on your relationship.

“But my spouse does not like to declutter”

I have heard of these many horror stories. When we cannot make them help us declutter, you could agree to have specific spaces at home. Like, in our home, Joe has his own workspace in the garage (and it’s a chaotic mess.) I learned to let go and relinquish it as his space. (So whenever I try to find something in there, I ask him to do it.) As long as the kitchen and living room are clean every night! I. want. that. space. to. be. clean. The same thing with our kids, I have learned to let them own their space. But I love that they clean it, as we agreed to clean our spaces somewhat regularly.

If ever you’re having problems with sexual intimacies, maybe try to talk about it, and see decluttering as a solution. Let him know that decluttering will give you less stress. Thus, more relief to connect with him on an intimate level.


Decluttering your house is not just about having a cleaning house. Decluttering your place actually have a HUGE impact on your health, relationships, and life in general. 

STAY TUNED for the next episode! I will be debunking some myths about decluttering and prove what it truly is~

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