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10 Life Changing Lessons Learned during COVID

10 Life Changing Lessons Learned During Covid -72

Now that we are in the phase of shifting out of quarantine, we are drowning in a lot of emotions and overwhelm. The most universal thing we are feeling right now is most likely fear. Fear of our life, our family, and the uncertain future. I want to tell you that it will be okay. Let’s embrace the present and live every moment in the best way we can. (Check out why we need to stop saying things are hard right now.)

10 Life Changing Lessons Learned During Covid

We Turn to Community and Growth

Tomorrow is never guaranteed and we can get stuck in fear of what is coming. This is a pivotal moment for us to be intentional and release the fear. Rather than just dwelling in the fact that it is a difficult season, may we take this time to pick up the lesson we can gain from this and grow.

“We can move forward by growing out of our fears.”

I created this special episode to help you overcome this challenging time. In this fun episode, I invited people that are dear to me to gather their experiences and lessons that could help us process our own experiences too.

Other life-changing stuff you will learn in this episode…

  • How to get your motivation back
  • Adjusting your schedule to the new normal
  • Finding joy in difficult times
  • Tips to detoxify your mind and stay calm
  • Getting closer to God
  • Trusting your instincts in the time of crisis
  • Importance of setting realistic goals
  • Taking this time to know our children better
  • Creating intentions

Different experiences, different lessons. If there is one thing that is certain under this crisis, is that we are all changing.

It has always been my goal to build a safe community for moms that help and support each other. I’d be happy to know what you have learned, too! Just send me an Instagram or Facebook message so we can share it and help other women that are going through the same thing. Let’s build a community of helping and rising women!

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