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The Key to Letting Go of Body Comparison with Megan Dahlman

The Key to Letting Go of Body Comparison with Megan Dahlman

Your body, your way

It’s easy to be bombarded with tips about achieving an “ideal” body. Go on this diet, do these exercises, take these pills, etc.  It’s easy to get sucked into following these steps and beat yourself up to look a certain way… even if it means going against what feels right for your own body.

It’s easy to then feel more ashamed of your body because of the comparison you make not just with others, but with yourself too. And especially as a mom, you often think to yourself, “I should look like that.”

But mama, understand that the world is filled with a wonderful kaleidoscope of people. Different shapes, color, passions, experiences, and more. And it’s possible to honor and treat your body well without putting shame into the picture. So aim to change your body into a better version of itself and not to distort it into something totally new!

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Fitness gone wrong

The Key to Letting Go of Body Comparison with Megan DahlmanIt’s common for women to have self-hate and disgust as their biggest motivators for fitness. And it’s a huge, huge mistake to start your fitness journey with that kind of self-hate mindset. Your body is already doing a lot of things for you. So you really have to take care of it from a place of gratitude and not because you hate it.

Consider this: if your body already looks like your “ideal” shape, would you still exercise? would you still eat healthy?

We have different motivators for wanting to take care of our bodies. And if they are coming from a place of love, sense of gratitude, and stewardship, then you will be able to stick with it in the long run.

Doing it right

Knowing your body well is one of the key factors to creating a fitness regimen that works for you. Did you know that there are different levels of eating skill? Or that your body type is also determined by your metabolism and muscle-tendon type? Or that your cycle affects what you want (and actually need) to eat?

Find out more by joining me and Megan in this episode!

  • Identifying the level of eating skill you are in and working on it towards your goal
  • How to plan your fitness journey according to your cycle
  • The importance of minding protein and produce
  • Figuring out your body type
  • The benefit of eating slow and intuitively

“The key to creating a sustainable fitness journey is to start from a place of love.” – Megan Dahlman

And understanding how your own body works is the key to self-acceptance and achievement of your fitness goal! 

Check out Megan’s The FREE Body Type Quiz

About Megan

Megan Dahlman is a certified strength & conditioning specialist and nutrition coach whose passion is helping moms love their God-given bodies and discover what it feels like to THRIVE in them. And she knows what it feels like to struggle and have negative feelings about your body, and she knows exactly how to help you move forward. Megan has the unique ability to graciously lead moms toward being fit, strong, and healthy, while staying focused on what truly matters. Through her immensely popular podcast, The Strong Mommas Podcast, and online training programs and courses, she commits to coaching women along a grace-filled journey so they can achieve lasting strength and health.


Podcast: The Strong Mommas Podcast

Facebook: Strong Mommas 

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