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Time Management for Moms with Renae Fieck

Time Management for Busy Moms

Time Management for Busy Moms with Renae Fieck

As a working mom with a side hustle, I’ve been asked by so many of my clients how I juggle so many things.

The Rising Moms Podcast invited many incredible guests in the past who have given us tips on how we can better manage our time. Some of them are cutting down tasks, saying, “no,” and slowing down. And their pieces of advice have helped so many listeners. 

But how about those of us who like to do so many things?

I get you. I am a go-getter who likes to achieve so many things. And I have tried many different methods to get a lot of things done without being too overwhelmed and exhausted. And I want to share with you what has worked for me.

This episode may be geared especially for moms who have a side hustle (such as business, passion project, or volunteering.) But if you don’t have those extra activities, this episode is still helpful in giving you insight into how you can better manage your time!

Give yourself grace

The first thing to be mindful of is that there is no standard method to manage our schedule. We all have different priorities, things to juggle, and circumstances. So it’s important to look at other people’s time management tips as an idea in tailoring your own method that would work for you.

Along with this, it’s important to note that we all have changing seasons. So if there are times that you can’t remain consistent with a routine (ex: working out, doing chores, managing business), be okay with it. Our body rhythms and external circumstances always change so we have to learn how to adapt. And expecting to be consistent all the time will lead us to the unnecessary feelings of failure or guilt!

So when you check your calendar and priorities, figure out where in your schedule can you (realistically) put in a certain routine/task that you want to implement.

Join me in this episode as I share more tips on how to better manage our time as busy moms!

time managementOther life-changing stuff in this episode…

  • The wonders of time blocking and batching
  • How to set a productive morning routine
  • The 15-minute power block
  • Tips to avoid kids from distracting you
  • The importance of being intentional with our time

“Mom life is not all about struggle. There’s a better way to do Mom life.” -Renae Fieck

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