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How Cycles Shape Your Daughter's Identity with Renae Fieck

How Cycles Shape Your Daughter’s Identity

How Cycles Shape Your Daughter's Identity with Renae Fieck

Have you ever wondered how you could actually talk to your daughter about her cycle??

Especially now that you know the importance of uncovering your cycle story, debunking myths about it, and breaking the stigma around cycles, it’s even more critical that we understand how to change the legacy for our daughters’ going forward.

The teenage to young adult phase is one of the most transformative phases for kids. It’s the time for self-discovery, shaping identity, navigating life, etc. The power you have in helping your daughter shape her future identity can lie within her cycle.

Cycles and shaping your identity

Your behaviors, habits, and reality is shaped based upon your identity.  In order to change your life or habits, it takes more than willpower. It takes an identity shift.

Your cycle is directly impacting the way you feel each day. So it’s no surprise that it’s impacting your daughter in the same ways.

As you navigate through times of your cycle when you don’t feel so great and all those doubts, fears, and feeling of not being good enough come to the surface, it can be easy to slip into forming identities around those feelings.

Think about it….

when you feel like you aren’t showing up well for your family or work, it’s easy to take on the identity of a crappy mom.

Yet when you have the awareness that it’s just a phase and a part of your cycle you can move through those phases without letting them define who you are.

So when you can step back and realize that those negative perceptions are just temporary feelings and not who you are, it changes the game.

This is a conversation that not only helps with your self-management but also empowers your daughters. So hop on over to know how:

  • How to have that conversation with your kids
  • Recognizing the pre-menstrual cycles
  • How this improves mother-daughter relationship
  • Helping your kids recognize their phases
  • How to help our kids shape their cycle stories

“Teaching our kids about their cycles helps them become the person that they want to be by not letting temporary phases shape their identities.” – Renae Fieck

How powerful it is for the next generation to change the way they look and interact with their cycles in a way that benefits them!

If you want to learn more about how to have these conversations with your daughters go to

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