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ok for good people to want more money (1)

Is it OK for Good People to Desire More Money?- 022


It’s a taboo topic for sure.

But…I’m going to talk about it today, and why it’s okay for good people to desire more people.

Money is Like Water

Have you ever seen a pond? I grew up with a friend who had a pond in her backyard.  There was very little movement.  The water stood still. Algae started to grow. It was murky and dark.  You wouldn’t dare think of drinking it.

Near my mom’s house, there was a river.  It was always steadily flowing.  The water you encountered at its edge was never the same the day next. It was fresh and clear. It was teeming with life.

So when you think of money, it can fall into either of these 2 types, just like water.


This is when you hoard your money.  You’re afraid to spend it, give it, or use it because you’re worried that it might run dry.  Just like the pond, you see the amount of water as being finite and a limited commodity.  Thus when your friends need help, you’re tight with giving it.  You’re afraid to use the money because you never know when it’s going to be your last dollar.


When you see money more like the river, you know that when money flows away from you, there’s always more coming again.  It flows in and out of your hands and your life.  You give more freely.  You impact others around you by using your money and knowing that you don’t need to worry about if you’ll have more money….it’s just a matter of when.

What’s Your Money Blueprint?

The beliefs of others around us as we grew up help shape our beliefs around money today.  And often times we aren’t even aware that those beliefs are operating.

Statements such as

  • “money doesn’t grow on trees”
  • “you have to work hard to earn your money”
  • “people who have lots of money are greedy and evil”

These thoughts are just a small handful of some of the thoughts that may have shaped your money blueprint.

This blueprint help shape the actions you take, which then reinforces those beliefs.

If you want to change your financial circumstances, you have to begin to understand what your money blueprint is and what your beliefs about money are, before you can begin to think of changing.

Take the Money Challenge

Keep track of all the places you willingly give money away. Maybe you buy a random stranger a coffee, maybe you donate to a charity, or maybe you make dinner for a friend.

Then begin to keep track of all the random places you receive money, such as a refund, a bonus, a gift, etc.

As you start to see that when you release money, more money comes in, it will reinforce your willingness to continue to give more away.

Money isn’t ours to hold onto. It’s intended for us to be able to give and to receive.

“The more we release money, the more open we are to receive it again.”

-Renae Fieck

When you are tight-fisted with your money or your stuff, there’s no opportunity for more to come into your hands.  You have to be willing to release it, and let it flow in and out of your hands just as the fresh water of a river flows.

Essential Reminder…

Money isn’t where we find contentment.

It may give us more opportunities and to make a bigger impact, but we can’t continually strive only for the pursuit of money.

It’s essential that you operate out of an attitude of gratitude and be so thankful for what you have currently. An attitude of abundance is what will inspire you to give more freely. Stepping into this place of gratitude and abundance has not only helped me to release my stronghold on money, but it has allowed me to let go of more clutter and stuff in my space.  It has been a huge support in my journey to a more simplified life.

Truth moment…You can be completely content and living in abundance even when you have little money in the bank.

Time to Take Action

Spend time evaluating your beliefs around money.

  • Are you being frugal because you’re worried about where the next dollar is going to come from, or are you trying to be a wise steward of your money?
  • What are those thoughts underlying why you’re restrictive with spending money or your stuff?
  • What beliefs around money were you exposed to as you grew up?

ok to desire more money (1)

PS- If you’re wanting to be more aware of where your money is being sent, where it’s coming from, and take a little more control of your finances, check out YNAB. It’s what I’ve been using to manage my money. When you click here, you can get a free month too! 


  • Cathy Hamm

    Excellent Renae! Giving is so rewarding!

  • Judith Shearman

    Haha! I feel like you wrote this for me! 😀 It’s a good way to look at things. Though I don’t have a problem spending money on other people, giving it to church or people in need, or buying things for my family, as long as it is in the budget. I just don’t like spending money on myself. But it does come and go. There have been so many times that we randomly got the money we needed at just the right moment, God always takes care of us and I do want to be a good steward of what we are blessed with. One year for Thanksgiving we didn’t have any money for dinner or to go visit our family, my husband’s boss bought us 2 bags of groceries because she made him tell her why he was sad the day before. After that year we were better off financially, so now we always make it a point to invite over as many people as we can for Thanksgiving, because we want to bless others the way we were blessed. 🙂

    • RenaeFieck

      Haha. I wasn’t directly writing to you but our conversation motivated me to write out some thoughts I’ve been having. And yes, giving for others is easier often times but the transition to thinking of spending (regardless if it’s on you or others), helps someone else by contributing to the business or livelihood of others. Money being spent in positive ways helps in a multitude of ways.

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