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Creating a World View in the Day to Day with Beth Bruno- 015

Ways to increase worldview with kids when we feel overwhelmed

  • Implement simple things that help our kids see beyond their immediate space, such as hanging up a world map and discussing events, people, and places around the world, then finding those places on the map.
  • You, as parents, think about what are the things in the world that you are the most passionate about? What makes you angry in the world? What are you willing to give towards? There are so many issues that are impacting our world and what stirs our hearts are going to be different for each family. Talk about these issues with your kids, let them see your passion.
  • Talk to your kids about the global issues around the world in a way that your kids can relate to. When you find that issue you are passionate about, find concrete ways to infuse that into your kids.

Empower your kids to have a voice and that their voice matters

Enable your kids in simple ways on how they can make an impact on global issues such as purchasing products that support fair trade or writing advocacy letters. As you talk to them about these issues and they see you making the right decisions, or sending letters, then they will follow and in turn be empowered to make a difference.

How do we stay current with issues within our world?

News often doesn’t have the best source of information for us if we desire to be advocates regarding a particular issue.

Infusing your social media feed or podcasts with resources of good information can help you learn about issues around the world.

Here are a few news resources you could look into…

You can also find major organizations and follow them on social media, and other news feeds. Being willing to open our eyes and start looking for the issues around our world, will enable us to begin to see it more and more.

Talk to your friends about it, they are probably passionate about something too. Allow yourself to be open to new information, open to being upset by something heartbreaking and you will find that it is all around you.

Just remember that we can be intentional about who we allow to speak to us through social media, podcasts, emails, and news feeds. We can choose who we subscribe to, what news we see on a daily basis.

Why does having a global view even matter?

We are one common humanity. The moms around the world are the same around the world. A mom fleeing genocide, wants the same of her kids that you do. It’s basic human dignity. We have privilege and wealth within our country and we should steward that privilege and wealth well.

How can we not feel something towards our common humanity?

What goes on around the world does impact us. Issues impact our country. The the way our country responds as a whole affect everything from immigration to our economy. Political and human rights issues do have ripple effects around the world and will have impacts upon us. Even if we can’t understand all of it or be passionate about all of it, we still need to be aware that it does impact us.

Our advocacy will change with seasons of motherhood

There will be seasons of our lives and motherhood that will change and how much or little we can be involved as advocates may change with those seasons.

Our kids can also be inspirations to us and help us develop more passion for issues around the world. Sometimes we just need to listen to them and follow their passions. Then take that and be intentional about learning experiences that we can provide for them.

We also need to be aware that we may be raising children who will one day make major changes on issues around the world. Let’s empower our kids to find their voices and make an impact around the world! Let’s raise global citizens, that will make a difference on humanity. Let’s see how we can help our children join with others around the world to empower them and in turn help them make a difference in their communities!

“We are a part of a global sisterhood and that alone should open our eyes to global needs.”

Beth Bruno

Meet Beth

BETH BRUNO is a curator of the feminine story, amplifier of the feminine voice, and explorer of feminine glory. You can find her doing just that on her podcast, Fierce & Lovely, in her book, A VOICE BECOMING: A Yearlong Mother-Daughter Journey into Passionate, Purposed Living, and through boutique mother-daughter experiences. She lives in Colorado with her husband of 24 years and 3 kids ages 13-19.

Connect with Beth at, on Instagram @bethhbruno, or in her Facebook group A Voice Becoming.

Find her book A Voice Becoming

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