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8 Tips to Drink More Water (and why you need to)

As a new mom my number one drink of choice was….coffee. I think I ran solely on coffee for many years.  But coffee certainly has it’s downfalls. So what else could we drink to get the energy & vitality we need to keep up with the kiddos? Would you believe me if I said drink more water?

I know, drinking more water leads to more trips to the bathroom but hear me out.

Your body is made up of 70% water. Water is VITAL to your functioning. And yet, most people are severely dehydrated.

Why drink more water?

  • Hello energy! When you feel that crash in the afternoon, try reaching for a cup of water first. Dehydration can leave you feeling run down and tired.  Drinking even just a single glass of water can increase that energy level dramatically.
  • Helps you lose a little bit of the postpartum weight. Ever found yourself snacking all day? Ever considered you might be thirsty? Start with water and if you’re still hungry, then you can eat it. But beyond that, water helps regulate your metabolism and so much more. Drinking water is a simple way to lose weight.
  • Boosts the skin glow. We all know that kids add gray hairs (like legitimately, I started graying with my first pregnancy), but let’s keep that skin as young and glowing as possible (in a free way!)
  • Flushes out anything not so grand that may be hanging around in your body (think….helps keep you from catching all those kids germs).
  • Helps the bowels moving fresh. And mama, you need to keep things regular down there.
  • Replenishes your muscles, organs, & cells to help you keep up with the life going on around you!

How much water do I need to drink?

A good indicator to your hydration levels is going to happen in the bathroom. I know we don’t usually get to pee alone so maybe you can make it a bit of a science experiment (Yes, I’ve had a few times with a kiddo nearly putting their head in the toilet while watching me pee).

If you’re pee isn’t clear, you’re most likely needing to take a few drinks (exception would be depending on any vitamins or color changing foods you may be taking).

Some will say half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 150lbs, you should drink 75 ounces of water a day. But if you still drink coffee, tea, workout, or do anything else that may be dehydrating, you’re going to need more. Lately, I’ve been drinking about 160-180 ounces of water a day (hello, peeing all the time) but I’ve been feeling so great. (This is the program I’ve been doing.)

How can I drink more water?

Keeping up with the water is partly habit and partly creativity.  As great as water can be for your body, it can be a bit boring after awhile.  And we can often get distracted and forget to drink water. So here are some of my favorite hacks to keeping up with my water intake.

  1. Find a water bottle you love & that’s easy to keep with you. Larger bottles are great cause it’s less time to refill too. This is one of my favorites.
  2. Play with straw versus no straw. For me, drinking from a straw makes me drink more faster.
  3. Infuse your water with some flavors. Lemon, Berries, Mint, Cucumber, Ginger.
  4. Try sparkling. I bought a soda stream a year or so ago and it’s been FABULOUS! I’ve only ever used it for water, but when you combine it with infusing (see above) or a drop or 2 of vanilla or coconut stevia it is fabulous.
  5. Add rubberbands to the bottom of your waterbottle. Each time you refill you move a rubber band to the bottom so you can track how many times you’ve refilled.
  6. OR if you have kids like mine who like to move the rubberbands all around, keep a paper tracker like the one on my Rock Your Bod Fitness Tracker (see below to snag it for free) or an App tracker like this one
  7.  Pair drinking with other parts of your routine. Drink a glass when you wake up. Drink before each of your meals. Drink each time you go to the kitchen. When you nurse your baby….whatever you do throughout the day.
  8. Use caution with dehydrating drinks like coffee, tea, and alcohol. You’ll have to add a glass of water for each one you drink!
  9. Set a goal at the beginning of the day. A goal when attempting to change any habit is the key to tracking your progress.
  10. Bonus Tip from @sportytreasures on IG. Keep other drinks out of sight and out of mind. When it comes to juice, soda, and the like, if you don’t buy it and have it in your vicinity, you won’t drink it.
  11. Try drinking cold water versus room temperature. Some find it easier to drink one over the other.

How do I drink more water without peeing ALL the time?

Oh yeah! The bathroom. If you’ve ever started drinking more water, you know what I mean. BUT…

  • Someone once told me that drinking more water when you’ve been dehydrated is like pouring water on desert land. Ground that is dehydrated is so hard that the water can’t soak in. Hydrated soil soaks the water in.  Think of your body like that. The incessant peeing won’t always last!
  • Get a little exercise.  The pelvic floor is key for helping hold your bladder. You can get specific workouts for your pelvic floor (I recommend Amy Stein of Beyond Basics PT) or overall whole fitness workouts
  • I’ll say it again, but skip the coffee, tea, and other diuretics. They just make you have to go even more.

Can I drink too much water?

In short, yes, you can drink too much water. Your kidneys need to be able to process the amount of water you are drinking. That being said, it’s more to do with the amount of water over time. AKA, don’t guzzle 2 gallons of water at a time.  Numbers I’ve seen have said keeping your drinking levels to about 30 ounces an hour will keep you in the safe zone.


All in all, water is soooo vital for your body. You really can’t go wrong with getting a bit more water in during the day. So cheers to a glass and share with me your favorite tip to drinking more water.


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