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Hey Mom, You ARE good enough

You aren’t good enough.

You can’t do it. 

You’re completely failing at this motherhood thing. 

Just give it up already.

Why do you even try?

The voices.  They can ring over and over inside our head.  The weight.  The sheer heaviness of the words can leave us crippled. We are often our own worst critic.

We find all the flaws and inadequacies.  All the reasons why we are failing and why we don’t measure up.  We hold ourselves to an unrealistic expectation and standard that somehow we believe others are achieving.

And these thoughts keep us there in the places of shame, doubt, fear, worry. They tell us we’ll never be enough; that we’re always meant to be a failure.

But I’m here to call bull crap. The stories will always be there.  But here’s the thing… recently I read 2 Corinthians 10:5 and in it, it said “take your thoughts captive.” You know what that means to me???

YOU, my friend, have the choice!

God has given you the power to take those nasty thoughts captive. They do not need to ruminated and dwell in your mind.  You’ve got to get them out. You need to WRITE THEM DOWN.  Expose them.  Be real, be vulnerable, and honest with yourself.  What word are you telling yourself on a daily basis??

Expose them and then let the light shine on them.

You have to fully know the thoughts, sit with them, understand why you’re thinking them in order to move past them.  We can’t just shove them under a rug and expect them to disappear. Bring them out of the closet, dust them off, and see them in the light.  The true ugliness. And for me, I really like burning that little piece of paper with all my fears, worries, shames, and doubts. It’s like watching them just obliterate into the atmosphere.

But the honest truth….is they don’t go away that easy. You’ve got to fill the void where those thoughts once were, with truths.  The truth WILL set you free. Allow yourself to find the places in your life where you have been worthy, loved, patient.  Allow yourself to sit in the presence of God and feel his truths about you. Because, girl, you ARE!

What you focus on becomes your reality.

You want to buy a new civic and then all you begin see on the road are civics.  Your mind focuses on that which you notice.  Unless you’re intentional with your thoughts, your mind is going to operate on autopilot.  An autopilot is no place you want to be.  Autopilot is when soul bullies begin to move in.

Take those soul bullies (thanks to Leeana for that) and hold them captive.  Your mind is no longer their place of residence.  It does not mean they won’t try to come and try to find their way back.  But they no longer have to stay.  They no longer have to be your thoughts. Focus on truth. Focus on what you want to become or who you want to be.  I no longer have to be the angry mom who loses her patience.  Today I’m going to choose grace and peace.  However, those bullies are going to fight me on that.  There’s going to be a meltdown, kids resisting getting in the car and a fight will break out over legos.

React or be proactive. So instead my mantra is “I can be peaceful. I can be calm. There is grace in this space.” That focus holds those soul bullies captive.

Expose. Replace with Truth. Set your mind free.

I am worthy.

I am enough.

I am capable.

God’s got this.

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