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The Best Way To track Your Cycle


The best way to track your cycle

Hey there, all you lady bosses and super moms!

I know you are geared towards taking on your BIG goals every day of each month.


So, you want to know…

When is the best day to launch a business proposal?

When is the worst time to go out and meet your clients?

Which days you will most likely feel dragging yourself to get to work?

Like many busy women, you may instantly rely on digital tools like a cycle tracker app to easily figure out when are the best days to plot your big events throughout the month.


But do these apps really work? Which app is most appropriate for your lifestyle?


Join me in this episode to learn tangible strategies on how you can actually track your cycle

and gain insights to help you find out which cycle tracker apps will really work best for you.


When you listen, you will discover how:

  • What you really need to know about cycle tracker apps and determine which one will work best for you
  • The pros and cons of going digital versus the pen-and-paper method to track your cycle
  • Strategies you can learn to integrate the habit of cycle tracking into your daily routine
  • How tracking your cycle can really empower you by leveraging your body to achieve balance and rhythm


“Tracking your cycle…is about helping you trust your own body

to find out what’s best for you.” -Renae Fieck


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  •  Creating bigger impact without burning yourself out
  •  Unlocking your productivity and creative workflow zones through your body cycles
  •  Shifting your mindset and harnessing it to your optimum advantage


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