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3 Ways to Get Motivated

How can I get motivated is one of the most common questions I hear struggling entrepreneurs saying.

As if there is some magic secret sauce to stay motivated-some have it, while others wonder why they don’t have it.

The reality is that you aren’t always going to feel motivated.

In fact, the rah-rah motivational speakers and videos that attempt to keep you motivated with phrases such as “just push past the excuses” are failing women.

You weren’t designed to feel motivated all the time.

Nor do you have to feel motivated all the time in order to be successful in building your business.

Tune into this episode to find out why.

“It doesn’t matter how hard you push, doesn’t matter how hard you work, doesn’t matter how hard you hustle. If you’re out of alignment with the things you’re doing, it’s not going to succeed.” –Renae


Here are the keynotes from this episode

  • The expectations we have about motivation and why it doesn’t work for most women
  • Your ability to motivate yourself is greatly affected by your language
  • Discover 3 ways you can increase your motivation right now
  • Mind-body activators – what are these and how can these help you get your motivation back



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