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#1 Way to Honor Your Commitments


Have you ever said that you’re going to do something and not follow through? 

Have you been out of integrity- 

-in your business? 

-with your clients? 

-to yourself? 

-your family?


Let’s face it.

There will be times in your life when you’re going to do the things that you don’t feel like doing at all.

Things that will push you to your limits and step outside your comfort zone.

But that’s how you will grow as a woman and become successful.

The reality is…

-growth doesn’t always feel good.


In fact, growth can feel downright painful sometimes.

But does that mean we shouldn’t grow?


In today’s episode, I will share this number one thing that separates those who achieve their goals and those who don’t.

It’s something that you and I need to address.


Here are the key takeaways you will learn from today’s episode:


  • How can trusting and listening to your body actually increase your ability to stay in integrity and true to your commitments
  • How to rely on your wisdom and awareness of your capacity BEFORE you even commit.
  • When and where do you need to stay in integrity with the commitments you’ve set.
  • How can you restore your integrity and stay true to your commitments



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