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Instilling an Attitude of Gratefulness

One of the family values we have listed in our household is that of thankfulness and gratefulness. We have been blessed so tremendously and we strive to be thankful for it.  Sometimes I’m discouraged by reading thing when I see others complaining over simplicities when in comparison to much of the world, the lowliest and poorest of America cannot compare. So while we strive for this mentality throughout the year, it’s straight up and present in the month of November! This year one of the women in a mom’s group said her family creates a thankfulness tree, writing things on each leaf in which they are thankful for.  I couldn’t help but steal the idea.

We tried taping it all to our window but unfortunately, they just wouldn’t stick.  Thus I thought I’d glue to paper and it traveled around our house to find a spot that was visible and yet would discontinue falling apart. Therefore the lighting and the picture isn’t fabulous but it gives you the idea.  We each picked a color and we write one thing each day this month (minus a few days we forget to actually do it at dinner time).  I have been amazed by some of the things that have come from Kinsley in regards to her thankfulness. Such as, the first night her response was “Jesus.”  Gosh, how can I top that response! Shouldn’t we all be thankful for Him and in Him all other gratefulness derives.

This is definitely a tradition we will continue year after year. I almost considered saving the tree for memories and seeing how our thankfulness continues to abound but think maybe a picture in the scrapbook will do!  What Thanksgiving/November traditions has your family incorporated?tree (1 of 1)

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