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Preparing for Crisis without Fear with Kathi Lipp -85

Preparing for Crisis without Fear with Kathi Lipp

Preparing for Crisis without Fear with Kathi Lipp -85Have you ever looked back to the months before the crisis hit? Those were the days when things seemed pretty normal, until the first COVID-19 case hit the country and everything came after – social distancing, mental health crisis, economic crisis, lost of lives, etc. And we didn’t know then that all of this was coming.

One of the things that we may have learned from this pandemic is that we should always be prepared for anything that comes our way. But, we should do it without getting overwhelmed by the thought of getting prepared. (See also 10 life changing lessons learned during COVID.)

Balancing our sense of preparedness and living in fear

While preparing for any unprecedented disaster, we have to avoid the two extremes: faith without action and overdoing out of fear. We could always be positive and trust that God will make things alright, but we still have to take the precautionary steps to protect ourselves and loved ones. We have to be practical with the things that we need to prepare for and make sure to only keep what are essential for a certain period of time.

I invited Kathi, author of Ready for Anything, to this episode to share with us some tips on how we can prepare for any crisis. From how much money to save to what kind of food to keep! (Check out what you need to know about life after COVID.) 

Other life-changing stuff in this episode…

  • Things that you need to have in your home 
  • What should be in your first-aid kit
  • Figuring out what and when to stock food
  • Water storage tips
  • The advantage of listening to positive thoughts/people
  • Balancing decluttering and storing

“Don’t underestimate the wisdom that you already have.” -Kathi Lipp 

Knowing what you have and what you are working on is going to help you so much. Always be prepared!

Meet Kathi

Kathi Lipp is the podcast host of the Clutter Free Academy, and the bestselling author of The Husband Project, Clutter Free and Ready for Anything. She and her husband, Roger, live in the mountains of Northern California and run The Red House Writing Retreats. Using humor and wisdom, Kathi offers hope paired with practical steps to women looking to live with meaning.


Instagram: @kathilipp

Facebook: @authorkathilipp

Facebook group: Kathi Lipp’s clutter free academy

Get her free downloadable inventory sheets for prepping your kitchen here!

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