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The Key to a Blissful Morning…with Kids

the dreaded mornings

I don’t know about you, but mornings haven’t been my favorite thing. It’s always been a constant scramble…racing out the door, guaranteeing to forget something behind. Well, I guess this is what my life has looked like since I had 3 kids and entered the world of kids going to school.

I feel like I say “Get on your shoes!” “Brush your teeth” “Get your homework” a million bijillion times. I felt like the constant nag and was exhausted and frustrated to just get out the door in the morning.  Even when I woke up earlier, it seemed like motivation for my kids to get ready was…well….just not there.

something’s gotta change…

One morning, I had enough.  I put on my OT mom hat and made a visual schedule. It was a simple list written with pink highlighter. But gosh golly, it worked.  My daughter got dressed, brushed her teeth, packed her lunch, had her homework ready, shoes on, and all with EVEN time to spare!!! Gasp!

let me help you out too

Knowing that I was on to something but wanting to make it official, I took that simple little list and printed it and placed in a simple frame to hang near the door. And wouldn’t you know it….we’ve had some pretty awesome mornings.  Yup, I even took them to froyo one afternoon just to say “I saw that. Thanks guys!”

If you want to download my checklist for FREE, I’ll share it with you here! 



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