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10 Go-To Travel Activities for Toddlers to Elementary Kids

Traveling with kids this week?

It can be downright craziness! It can literally make any sane parent want to pull their hair out. It can go seemlessly, or it can go down like my last trip….1 million potty breaks, baby crying endlessly, parents rotating sitting in the back consoling said baby, and snacks smashed into the seats.

But whether you’re flying or driving…there are a few activities to make it go a little easier.

  1. Magnetic Dress Up Dolls: We’ve used so many different ones and even as young as 3 my daughter enjoyed playing with these dress up boards.
  2. Block beads: My kids as young as 1 year old can self-entertain with these beads for awhile. There are alphabet ones, farm ones, butterfly ones, and  more to fit your child’s interest.
  3. Aqua Doodle: A super simple way to allow your kids to draw without the worry of crayons or markers in the car.
  4. Imaginary Ink: Along the same lines as the aqua doodle, imaginary ink pads and magic markers can be great options for mess free coloring.
  5. Usborne Sticker books:Related image
  6. Wikki Stix: I love these for a variety of reasons. I use them in my work as an OT and love that kids can create letters, animals, and so much more with them.
  7. Melissa & Doug Reuseable Sticker Pads: My kids love stickers. And reuseable ones make it even longer lasting entertainment.
  8. Finger Puppets: I don’t know about your kids, but my kids can sit and talk for hours….especially when they can let their fingers talk to their other fingers.
  9. Lacing Cards: Geared towards the older toddler
  10. Busy Bags: Cards, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, plastic spoons, and many other objects can keep a toddler-elementary aged child busy (at least for a little while!)
  11. Bonus Tips: Lots of snacks! Food always keeps my kiddos entertained!

I’d love to hear if you have any other go to activities. And yes, these are all inspired by my OT mama brain too!

Regardless of wherever you are going or how you are traveling, I hope you have a Merry Christmas!



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