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Social Distanced Clutterfree Gift Ideas

Socially Distanced Clutterfree Gift Ideas

Social Distanced Clutterfree Gift Ideas

Regardless if it’s Christmas or some other event, 2020 has challenged us to get creative with our gifts. In the past creating experience gifts was my go-to, yet we are now being limited with those experiences due to social distancing or other precautions. You know, to be honest, it might be a great opportunity to not only get creative but challenge the motivation behind gifts n the past.

This list is most definitely not exhaustive. Yet I wanted to create a list of ideas to spur your creativity and recognize that we can still create amazing experiences and moments despite whatever the circumstances might be.

Flowers or Plants

I don’t know about you, but I love flowers and plants. Some might even say I’m addicted. Yet fresh flowers always bring me so much joy. And isn’t that what gift-giving is all about?? Bringing more joy?

Maybe you could give the gift of flowers all year long through a flower delivery subscription or a plant delivery subscription for that plant lover. I love that we can keep the plants indoors and outdoors. And they have so many added benefits other than just an aesthetic element!

Kids’ Subscription

There are many kids subscriptions geared towards different interests, such as science, art, travel, cooking, and more. On the one hand, these may appear to be “clutter” attractors. However, many of them contain objects that can be used and eliminated once they’ve been enjoyed.

Mental Health Items

Whether it be a subscription to a meditation app, the Rising Moms Journal, the Rising Kids Journal, the Big Life Journal the clutter these items might bring is worth it in the end. Generation Mindful also has some fun games and resources to help kids and families grow in emotional and self regulation.

Entertainment Subscriptions

Be it books on the kindle, freetime or audible or music on spotify or amazon music, many friends or family would enjoy a subscription.

Meal Subscriptions

As a new mom, these meal delivery subscriptions were sooo helpful. Even at the beginning of the pandemic we had a meal delivery service. And it was so convenient to not worry about what we were cooking. This is one gift that would be more than welcomed for many moms. Plus, there are so many options out there, you’re bound to find one that fits your lifestyle such as Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, or Purple Carrot.

Or maybe even just a food subscription box-like Farm Fresh to You (Use code RENA2288 for a discount).


When it comes to gifts, regardless if it’s food or art supplies, I tend to steer towards consumable items. Things such as homemade recipes in jars, markers, play-doh, or paints.  It’s not only useful and shows your gift receiver that you’re thinking of them. But it also helps reduce or minimize the clutter that could pile up in their home. Even things such as facial products or a candle can be great, as long as it’s an item you know they’ll use and not tuck back in to create more clutter.

Experiences in a Box

Social Distanced Clutterfree Gift IdeasThink of a memory you could create at home and gather all the supplies for it and wrapped in one memorable box. Maybe it’s a movie night in a box, a spa night in a box, arts and crafts party, or game night in a box. The real intention behind the gift is the joy, memory, and experience. So even if these things are everyday things, it can be incredibly fun and memorable when all done up and made special.

Online Classes and Events

I’ve learned this year that there’s so much available online that we didn’t need to access or utilize before. Here are some of my faves

Outschool has many options from educational to fun things such as escape rooms and learning to dance.

We’re all navigating new and weird times with having our kids of all ages accessing the internet. We didn’t plan on it before, but here we are with our 6-year-old… exploring, going to school, and researching online. The Social Wised U course is intended to help families learn how to navigate the new world of social media with their kids.

Kids Cook Real Food has a great course helping teach kids to be independent in the kitchen too! My kids love to help and as a feeding therapist, I HIGHLY recommend having your kids help cook.

Private Events

Cinemark is hosting private watch parties for up to 20 guests at theaters across the country. They can choose from several popular films. And the price is a lot more reasonable than you’d expect: from $99 to $149, depending on time and film.

Clutter Clearing Items

A subscription to Keepy or Artkive can be so helpful for those who are looking to savor the kids artwork without the mess and clutter.

Mixbook is also by far my favorite place to print photobooks. Someone who loves to savor the photo memories would definitely enjoy a gift card to mixbook!

Health Subscriptions

Working out from home has definitely seen a huge rise this year. Your fitness lover may love to lose that 20 they gained in 2020 with a subscription to my fave workout programs at Beachbody or maybe they’d love a Peloton.

This year I’ve been ordering all my household products from Young Living, which has made it convenient, my house smells good, and I know I’m cleaning more regularly. There’s a wide array of items to choose from for those more naturally inclined folks on your shopping list.

CBD has also become all the rage in the last few years. And as someone who has seen the benefits of it in our own family (Joe with his seizures) we make sure we have some on hand at all times.


These are just a few ideas to get you thinking! Would love to hear of any other ideas that you might have!

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