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Why You Need to Take Messy Action -115

Why You Need To Take Messy Action

Making changes is wonderful, especially if you can clearly see how much you have improved. But changes only happen when we move. That’s why I want to talk about taking action, no matter how messy or imperfect it gets!Why You Need to Take Messy Action -115

Clarity comes in action

Most of the time, a lot of disruptive thoughts come into our mind before taking any type of action. What if it fails? And what if I don’t get it right? What if this and that? And the most dangerous of all is thinking that everything should be ‘perfect’ before we take action. And this anxiousness prevents us from even taking that first step!

It’s understandable that we want to keep things going right; that we want to look good and be good at what we do. We want everything to be ready before taking a step. But most of the time, this perfectionism often gets us stuck.

But you’ll never know until you try something out! When we finally start to do something, that’s when we figure things out. How does this make me feel? Do I like this? Does this method work? As oppose to just thinking and not taking action, we wouldn’t know how something will turn out. We’ll only keep wondering!

Taking action is not something I naturally have. It is rather something that I nurtured and developed over time. In this episode, I will share with you how I cultivated the powerful practice of taking action!

Other life changing lessons in this episode…

  • Overcoming the fear of failure
  • What happens when you take that first step
  • How to shift gears when you want to change your direction
  • Noticing when we get in our own way
  • How to move forward when you’re overwhelmed

“Approach an action with curiosity rather than perfectionism.” -Renae Fieck

Remember that there is no single right way to do something. Most of the time, our goals can be done in many different ways, by different people. So you wouldn’t know which one works for you until you try!

As you listen to this episode, I want you to pick an area of your life that you want to improve. It can be anything. Business, relationships, job, hobby, and more. Then try to take that small little step towards greater change! Join the Rising Moms Club to be inspired by thriving women!

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