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How to BioSync Your Path to Becoming a High Performer with Angela Foster

Think about it – your body is this incredible machine that can do so much more than you give it credit for. 

It’s not just about hitting the gym or following a strict diet; it’s about understanding and respecting what your body can do for you.

What makes you feel alive? What fuels your fire?

In this podcast episode, you’re gonna learn more about the power of bio syncing and how women can use their bodies to become high performers.

You’ll also discover: 

  • The importance of taking care of one’s body to achieve success and why you should start now
  • The growing trend of how people are optimizing their bodies for peak performance
  • Why heart rate, circadian rhythm, and bio syncing are better for your health
  • Impact of alcohol on sleep and energy levels 
  • How setting ambitious goals for oneself is effective 
  • The benefits of having a positive mindset 

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“We often just think in the immediate term. It’s, yeah, ‘I need to make some changes.’ But there’s nothing really where’s the why behind that and that’s why I think we fall off track so easily any year. Whereas if you’ve got a really big, audacious goal around it, that you’re more likely to be complying.” – Angela Foster

Meet Angela

Angela Foster is a Nutritionist, Health & Performance Coach, Founder of The Female Biohacker Collective and host of The High Performance Health Podcast.

As a former partner in a large law firm, Angela is no stranger to the demands of long working hours and the difficulties facing women in combining high performance with family life while still optimising their health & longevity. After suffering burnout and major depressive disorder culminating in a life-threatening battle with pneumonia, Angela used biohacking, holistic health and spiritual practices to rebuild her mental and physical health. As a regular podcaster and speaker at events and to large corporations, Angela shares the science and practical tools unique to women to empower them to optimise their health, performance and longevity while embracing their female physiology.

Angela is also the founder of the Female Biohacker Collective, a biohacking membership exclusively for women and the creator of BioSyncing, a unique programme for the high performance woman who wants to sync with her female physiology and step into the most authentic and empowered version of herself and achieve longevity in business and in life.

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