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Calling All Chefs! We need Recipes!

In an attempt to further our eating towards non-processed, natural foods, we need some new recipes.  It’s not easy to eliminate anything from your diet without something to replace it.  Rather than focus on removing foods from our diet, I’m trying to focus on introducing new things and learning new ways of cooking.

I’m hoping to be able to feature others’ recipes on the blog. Send them my way! I’d love to tag you, link to you, or give you credit in any other way you’d like!

Looking for recipes that use minimal sugars, dairy, and gluten.  Focus on vegetables, fruits, and proteins!


MAY 2014 (6 of 7) MAY 2014 (7 of 7) smoothie (1 of 5) september2013 (5 of 9) Vegetarian Thai Quinoa Salad--Prep on the weekend for Easy Week day Meal

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