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The Story of Us…

Do you watch “This is Us”?

I’m weeks behind and just started binge watching to get caught up and cue the tears! OMG! Seriously…I’ve been dreaming of house fires too!

This month we got our Date Night in Box and it’s “The Story of Us.” How many times do we pause and think about our own stories?

The road, struggles, and highs that have led us to the place we are…the relationship we have.

Joe and I started dating when I was 17.  He was a server at Red Robin. I was already dating someone else when we met. But somewhere in the next 6 months or so, we connected. It’s been lots of highs and lows over the last 15 years we’ve been together. We both graduated college, multiple moves, grad school, miscarriages, deaths, births of babies, and so much more. All of those little things add up to where we are today.

But to be totally honest, I sometimes forget to acknowledge and reflect the strength our years together has brought us.

It’s sometimes easier to focus on the disconnect of life with both of us working, managing life, and navigating parenthood.

Intentionality is the key to living the life we want, having the relationship we want, and living our dream life.

Intentionally focusing on our priorities and the things that matter most.

So our story….that’s what makes us…

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