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Can God give us a painless pregnancy if we ask for one?

I wrote about this book and CD in a recent blog posting about my preparations for a natural delivery.  However, I wanted to highlight them again.  They have been pretty profoundly powerful for me in the last few weeks.

The weeks surrounding Christmas, I was having a lot of belly pains.  Thankfully my sciatica hip pain wasn’t as bad but the pain I was having in my belly was pretty profound.  It was localized in one spot but felt like my tissue was literally ripping apart.  I tried a few different essential oils, a bath, rest, etc.  About the only thing that made it not hurt was lying down.  But as soon as I stood back up, it’d hurt again…grr. Of course like most other people, I consulted Dr. Google. The only options I could come up with were 1). Round ligament pain (But in my mind this just felt different than what most people describe) 2). Just a normal part of pregnancy people experience 3). An umbilical hernia.

At my appointment with my midwife, I  described how it felt, when I felt it, what made it feel better, etc. and her first thoughts were, “sounds like maybe the beginning of an umbilical hernia.”  Yeah for me! Unfortunately, there isn’t much more than I can do to prevent it from getting worse because I was already wearing an abdominal belt, limiting my weight lifting (i.e. picking up my daughter), and overall body exertion.  In that appointment, it was also discovered that our baby was most likely in the breech position.  She couldn’t entirely tell because she couldn’t feel him very well but that was sort of her intuition from what she did feel.  Being I’m only 33 weeks, I know there is time to flip still but we’re getting closer down to the wire here.  I left that appointment feeling pretty down.  It’s been a rough pregnancy and doesn’t seem to be getting any easier.  My first pregnancy was so easy and such a breeze (relatively!) that it was weighing on me physically and mentally.

I had purchased “Childbirth in the Glory”. So I decided to start listening to it.  Within the first few songs, I could feel my demeanor change.  I began to feel like I could lay claim to some of these promises God had made and God does answer our prayers and responds to our faith.  After a few days of listening, I can tell you, I have had very little pains.  When I begin to face doubts of God’s faithfulness, I begin to experience pains.  It only takes listening to the CD to remind myself that I can claim these truths.

As I started reading Supernatural Childbirth again, it began to do the same thing.  I began to feel myself saying “yes Lord, you have given us the power to ask and receive miracles.”

I lay in bed last night feeling my belly, attempting to “belly map” my baby (it’s such a difficult task…I think mostly because I’m guessing he’s posterior, which means he’s up against my spine and difficult to find). I began to think “yeah, I think he’s in the breech position.”  But then I reminded myself, that God is more powerful than waiting to rely on my midwife to do an external cephalic version or using essential oils to turn him or whatever random exercises I can find to turn a breech baby.  God made my baby, placed him in my womb and will see that he is born healthy.  By the time my husband came to bed, I was confident that God would give me a head down baby if I asked for one and believed that he would give me one.  I told my husband “I think he’s head down.”  I could somewhat feel what I thought might be him in a head down position, but I’m not sure exactly what I’m feeling. But God knows where he is and can make him move.

I can’t say that I don’t still experience daily aches that should be expected when you are carrying 20-30 more pounds than you normally do on days when I do a little  too much, but I can say that the excruciating pain I was having in my belly and my hip have both been significantly reduced or at times completely subsided! Praise the Lord for healing and miracles!

Natural childbirth, supernatural childbirth, or childbirth in any form is a daunting task.  There are many fears, doubts, moments of triumph as well as feelings of defeat.  My advice to people considering a natural childbirth is to commit with your whole heart, and not even allow yourself the thought that you’d choose an epidural or pain meds if you needed.  Your heart and mind needs to be invested in order to overcome the amount of intensity experienced during birth.  This CD and book, are an EXCELLENT way to prepare for that, and even more so, a supernatural childbirth.  If you are pregnant, please read Supernatural Childbirth and listen to Childbirth in the Glory.

Do I think that someone could have a painless pregnancy? I think frame of mine makes a huge difference.  I had read Supernatural Childbirth pretty early on in my pregnancy with my daughter, and as I said before, had a pretty easy pregnancy.  Not to say this is the reason the pregnancies are different, but I truly think it made a difference.  I believe God will answer prayers and fulfill promises and truths that we can lay hold of in the Bible.  God has the desire to bring about healing.  But, I also believe God has given us tools within our world to use to help combat some of the aches that come along with pregnancy.  We shouldn’t be negligent to say God will heal us without using any of the tools He’s given us.

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