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Want To Make More Money?

Can we agree to let go of the ol’ adage that says, “we don’t talk about money?”

Something I’ve noticed in the women who are thriving…both financially and in life…are those who have learned to be ok talking about money.

In fact, more than just talking about money, they’ve learned to heal their relationship with money.

In this week’s podcast episode with Choyo, she says,

“When you’re rich on the inside, you can become rich on the outside.”

Inside this dynamic conversation Choyo and I will share with you…

  • How to create FLOW and abundance in your money
  • What you do when money begins to feel stagnant
  • What you need to do BEFORE money can flow to you
  • The thing women who lack the money they desire are focusing on and why this is a big mistake
  • Why you shouldn’t “spend” money if you want to receive more (and it’s not for the reason you think)


Meet Choyo

Choyo Wilson-Daniel is the Founder of Love Shift Coaching. She believes that YOU are called to LEAD with LOVE.

She grew really weary of trying to make herself fit into some picture of what an “online business owner” was supposed to be and started just LOVING, APPRECIATING, and BEING HERSELF.

And everything started to FLOW in her business, from feeling blocked at every turn to signing up her IDEAL clients and making a powerful, positive difference in the world while doing work that she absolutely love.

She founded Love Shift Coaching to support female entrepreneurs who are ready to take their businesses to the NEXT level.

Find more about Choyo

Pick up her latest book Rich on Purpose:

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