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Balancing Self-Care and Business: Overcoming Self-Doubt and Staying Motivated as a Woman Entrepreneur with ilona Varo

As a woman entrepreneur, I get the grind—we’re always pushing ourselves to excel, right? 

But to be honest, society has set some pretty high expectations for women and it’s easy to fall into the trap of tying our self-worth to our achievements. If we’re not constantly succeeding, we start to doubt ourselves. 

One minute, you’re juggling everything just fine. The next, you’re exhausted, stressed, and questioning everything. It’s not just about being tired; it’s a deeper, more pervasive sense of fatigue.

We want to excel, to be recognized, to make a difference. But somewhere along the way, we often forget about ourselves. Balancing life and business can be a challenge, especially when we feel like we have to prove ourselves. We worry about being perceived as weak or incapable.

In this podcast episode, Ilona and I dive into the struggle of balancing self-care and business while tackling self-worth issues and battling burnout head-on. Tune in to hear our stories, struggles, and tips on how we find the right balance.

We also talked about the following:

  • The repeating cycle of self-doubt (and practical ways on how you can beat it)
  • How to develop habits that work for you and your body
  • Ditching the comparison game
  • Knowing what really drives you versus what society thinks you should
  • Why celebrating every win (even if it’s small) is a must

“You have to really remind yourself what your values are, what your lifestyle is, and try to block out the noise of comparison from other people.” ilona Váró

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Meet Ilona

Ilona Varo is a Hungarian born psychotherapist practicing in Los Angeles. Her background in the beauty and entertainment industry, as well the healing arts, informs her unique psychological approach.

Ilona’s practice focuses on women’s issues which arise from adolescence through adulthood. She focuses on topics involving body image, disordered eating, self-hatred, self-sabotaging behaviors, anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, trauma and more.

Ilona is trained in EMDR and works with somatic modalities to help clients create peace and calm in their bodies. A connection and awareness to the mind-body is crucial in healing and transformation. Mind-Body awareness improves resiliency, stress management, healthy self-regulation, appropriate coping skills, joyful relationships, etc. It brings attention to the somatic experiences of mental health issues.

A lot of mental health behaviors are a result of individuals being detached from their bodies, at war with themselves, storing trauma, and the struggle to rationalize our biological responses. “It’s not always logical, it’s sometimes biological.”

Ilona helps provide clients with practical tools so that they can improve their awareness of behaviors/thoughts/reactions which bring them distress. Practical tools and collaborative practices ensure that clients can learn to cope in healthier and more effective ways.

Ilona is truly passionate about women’s health, resiliency, and teaching effective/practical coping skills. She believes everyone is worthy of healing, and that it is possible to find peace in our mind/body experiences.

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