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4 Steps to Sync Your Cycle and Your Launch

4 Steps to Sync Your Cycle and Your Launch 


Are you wondering how million-dollar CEOs get to find their big break and launch their business to the next level?

If you’re saying heck yes….keep reading!

How I Struggled During My First Launch(es)

Chances are if you’ve been in the online business world, you’ve “launched” a time or two.

And I’m guessing you know that feeling I felt…. that hamster wheel of business life.

It’s kind of like mom life, right?

There’s always something to do and feels like no matter what you do, it’s just not quite enough.

It looks so much easier for everyone else, so why is it so challenging for you?

It’s easy to follow the “gurus” telling you to make the sacrifice now for the end results or feeling like they have some magic secret sauce that you just don’t.

….”Find your WHY and be bigger than your excuses” …or so they say.

  • …life feeling like a total mess
  • …staying up way too late
  • …getting up way too early
  • …snapping at the kids
  • …irritable and frustrated more than you want

It’s easy to start wondering…

  • Is this really worth it? Is this really who I want to be at this moment?
  • Is there a better option to make it easy and effective?
  • Yet what if you were able to shift those just a bit into…
  • Is there a better way to launch my business to avoid the stress and overwhelm?
  • How can I prepare so that I can show up to be my radiant self during my launch?

How can I balance both life and business without losing my mind?

When I started asking THOSE questions, my aha moment arrived!

Everything started to make sense when I discovered how my cycles are really key to leveraging my business to help me optimize my time, creativity, and energy levels so I can successfully launch—without the stress and overwhelm.

What started as simple body awareness and learning to lean into my own body energy led me to start asking questions like…

  • …How is your cycle impacting the way you show up in a launch?
  • …How do you avoid scheduling a launch when you don’t want to be on camera at all?
  • …How can you map out my launch runway so that you’re performing it when your body feels primed? 

Your cycle’s phases can allow you to strategically map out your launch so that you can literally go to the park, play in the pool, or go get a massage when you’re in launch week; Instead of hustling in the final hours, stressed that it’s not going to get all done.

How Cycling Your Launch Can Change the Game

If you are a mompreneur preparing for your much-awaited launch, start acting like the million-dollar CEO that you desire to be!

Join me in today’s episode to explore the game-changing benefits you can enjoy when you align your cycle to your business launch.

Learn practical ways and creative tools you can implement right now so you can leverage your launch–make it fun, simple and effective–and make a huge difference in the way you run your business.


“Stop waiting till the last minute…stop just shoving and pushing, when it doesn’t feel good. A little bit of preparation, a little bit of advanced planning can be a game-changer.” -Renae Fieck


Here are the key takeaways from today’s episode:

  • Common reasons why you feel stressed and overwhelmed during your Launch Mode
  • The importance of aligning your launch with your cycle and how it can make a huge difference in your business right now
  • 4 practical steps you can follow in designing your launch plan to align it with your cycle to absolutely change the game!
  • Creative tools and strategies you can implement right now to prepare for your launch to make it fun, stress-free and effective
  • How your cycle phases are really key to leveraging your launch by optimizing your time, creativity zones and energy levels
  • More smart tips on how you can plan out your activities during each phase


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