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33 Clutterfree Christmas Memory Ideas

Every year we pull out our Advent Christmas Tree.  It’s one of my favorite parts of Christmas (aside from stockings! Did you see my Clutterfree Stocking ideas yet??). The Advent calendar has become a way for us to be intentional through the holiday season.  Each day we open up the little door and pull out an activity for us to do together.

Because, here’s the truth. Somewhere over the course of time, we’ve shifted the focus of Christmas to all about the gifts.  And I don’t know about you, but I’m over the gifts.  I’m not over the giving, but I’m really over the excess stuff.  So we’re trying to shift the focus back to time together, giving of our time, loving each other, and celebrating this amazing life we’ve been given together.

Some of these activities are ones we have in our advent calendar, some are extra. You can pick what ways you want to create holiday memories (without all the clutter! And if you need some ideas on how to reduce the holiday clutter, I’ve got your back!)

  1. Sing Happy Birthday Jesus
  2. Get cinnamon rolls at our fave bakery (Bear Buns)
  3. Make hot chocolate
  4. Sleep in sleeping bags near the tree
  5. Have dinner on the beach
  6. Listen to Christmas music & dance together
  7. Eat dinner by candlelight
  8. Drive and look at Christmas lights
  9. Watch the lighted boat parade
  10. Roast smores in the backyard or at the beach
  11. Decorate a ginger bread house
  12. Give a toy to someone in need
  13. Go on a family walk
  14. Go to a live nativity
  15. Invite friends over for a cookie making party
  16. Make Jesus a birthday card
  17. Play at the park
  18. Bake cookies
  19. Buy coffee for someone else
  20. Make popcorn
  21. Make homemade caramel corn
  22. Have a fire in the fireplace
  23. Go ice skating
  24. Make paper snowflakes
  25. Donate food to a food kitchen
  26. Make handmade Christmas cards for the neighbors
  27. Read a Christmas book
  28. Watch a Christmas movie
  29. Make reindeer food
  30. Make Salt dough ornaments
  31. Build a snowman (this is for my friends not in San Diego!)
  32. Have a snowball fight (same as above! Those of you like me, can do a pillow fight instead.)
  33. Go sledding
  34. Carol door to door

What other holiday memory ideas and traditions do you have?

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