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Clutterfree Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

We’re down to essentially 3 Christmas presents this year.  The kids will get 1 toy/gift they’ve been wanting, 1 pair of pajamas, and a few new clothes.  Other than that, we’re going minimalistic on Christmas.  I shared a little about why in my 8 Clutterfree Gift Ideas, and will probably share more in the next few weeks as to why we’re ditching the presents. But stockings…..stockings are my jam. I LOVE the surprise of waking up Christmas morning to stockings.  I seriously don’t need any Christmas presents, but I still want to wake up on Christmas morning to a stocking myself.  There is something completely magical in it.  The stockings are a tradition I don’t plan to let go of.  And so many typical stocking stuffers are not clutterfree! But, I still don’t want junk and clutter filling my house just to fill the stockings.  So I want to share with you our ‘quasi’ minimalistic stocking stuffer list.

This list is a ton of ideas.  I tend to roll with my shopping and purchase as I go but these are the things that I’m generally on the lookout for.  Even though some of these items tend to be pretty basic, for stockings I try to splurge on making it more fun.  I’ve included links to some of the ones I’ll be purchasing.


The things you’d buy anyway but it’s a fun way to add the element of surprise and make it fun.


These are similar to the essentials but could be a little more fun and not necessarily an every day item.

  • Chapstick
  • Sunscreen (These are my faves so they can apply while they are at school too!)
  • Nail polish (This is our fave brand because it’s one of the cleaner nail polishes)
  • Lotion (This is the same brand I get for our bubble bath and kids shampoo and products)
  • Bubble bath (This is my fave brand.  They are clean products and also have an amazing mission that makes it that much greater to support them)
  • Play-doh
  • Crayons, markers, coloring books (I try to spice them up with something unique like these scented ones or this dinosaur one. And when I can throw in positivity, emotional awareness and mindfulness like this coloring book, I’m all for it! The Target Dollar Spot and Michael’s are great places to grab some craft items)
  • Band-aids
  • Educational items (like this handwriting book or devotional)
  • Magazines
  • Kids Night in Box (You can get these boxes as a subscription or one time.  They come with all the makings of a really fun activity. They often have a snack, a book, a craft activity, or scavenger hunt type thing.  They also have amazing themes helping kids learn about others, love themselves, and similar. My kids always love them. They have a date night one too if you want one for your hubs stocking. You can check out one of the Kids ones we did here)
  • Kids Essential oils (My kids love being independent with using oils. They’re going to love getting these rollers in their stocking!)


Um, yes, who doesn’t like all the sweets and chocolates in a Christmas stocking?? But again, I tend to purchase stuff that I feel good about them eating.  And sometimes we splurge on some fun stuff!


These are the small things I get to highlight each of my kids unique interests.

For my daughter I might throw in a drawing pad, and my son may get a special trash truck toy.

Other ideas might be:


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