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How to Listen to Your Body’s Subtle Cues and Heal Painful Menstrual Symptoms with Sarah Rasmussen

For the longest time, I thought femininity was this fixed thing, like a set of rules carved in stone. 

But then I realized, it’s more like this journey of self-discovery, where you’re constantly learning and unlearning, figuring out what feels right for you.

What’s feminine to one person might not vibe with someone else, and that’s totally okay. 

It’s about embracing who you are instead of trying to fit into some cookie-cutter mold that society dishes out.

In today’s episode, Sarah and I dive deep into this very topic of women connecting with their feminine energy, and dealing with painful menstrual cycles.

How to Listen to Your Body's Subtle Cues and Heal Painful Menstrual Symptoms with Sarah RasmussenCurious to know more? We’ve got other topics lined up too including:

  • How slowing down could actually amp up your business game
  • What is PMDD and how to deal with it
  • Our favorite menstrual cycle phase (you won’t expect which one it is)
  • Why meditation is a total game-changer for your body



If you take a step back, gain a little bit wider perspective, there’s probably things you’re missing when you’re looking at problems like right up in your face and everything’s okay. It’s gonna be okay.” Sarah Rasmussen

Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah Rasmussen, a certified life coach instructor and visionary founder of Light Path Coaching. With a rich background in personal development and coaching, Sarah is a respected voice in the industry, empowering individuals on their paths of self-discovery and transformation. Her expertise has shaped renowned coaching programs and her insightful programs and certifications have impacted countless lives. Featured on various platforms, Sarah’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to remarkable success, all while staying true to her faith and family values. As a sought-after life coach, Sarah inspires her clients to embark on their own journeys of growth, and become forces for positive change in the world.

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