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Are your eggs fresh?

My dream is to get chickens for our family at next Easter. However, we have a baby due in late February and my best friend’s wedding in late March, so not totally sure the feasibility (or likelihood I can convince my husband). But I would love it! And mostly for the fresh chicken eggs!

I’ve read some benefits of eating raw egg yolks, especially for young children but would never consider doing that with store bought eggs.

But aside from the health benefits of raising your own chickens and harvesting eggs, often times the “organic, free-ranged” etc. don’t necessarily mean what you think it does. The egg/chicken industry is a cruel industry and the stipulations and regulations to put these labels on cartons is minimal. (I can’t find the source now but remember reading the chickens only have to be out of the cage for 1 hour in order to be considered free range). So why pay more for these so called “cruelty-free” eggs if they aren’t really what they claim to be?

So aside from all that and the reasons why I can only hope we have a chicken coop by next spring, how can you tell if your egg is fresh?

The easiest, put it in a cup or bowl of cold water.

  • If it sinks, it’s fresh.
  • If it bobs just a little it’s a little old.
  • If it stands on one end, it’s probably a few weeks old.
  • If it floats, probably shouldn’t eat it.
Another method is to shake the egg near your ear. If you hear sloshing, it’s best to throw it out.
(And if any of you have good arguments to convince my husband to get some chickens next spring, I’m all ears!)

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