Unforgettable Thanksgiving Healthy Swaps

unforgettable thanksgiving (1)I can’t believe it ALREADY Thanksgiving. OR that it’s going to be nearly 90* here in San Diego this week! Eek! So crazy. The holiday season certainly sneaked up on me. You too?

I wanted to share with you some amazing recipes to add to your feast. It’s totally possible to have a delish meal made with amazing food and not feel bloated and blah afterwards.

And on another note….eat your veggies and your turkey first. That way by the time you eat some of the higher calorie foods (like the stuffing!) you’re likely to eat less cause you’ve filled up on nutrient dense foods.

And if you’re wanting more of a reset after Thanksgiving, this is my GO TO Nutrition Jump Start! I can help you with it too! Just message me!


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Calling all Sugar Addicts (Hint:Almost anyone reading this title!)


I declare….I am a sugar addict. I can’t help it.  My sugar addiction has always been present but in the last year or so, it has become out of control. That’s just the sugar I’m conscious of. But I’ve become more and more aware of the secret sugars that are added to almost every food we eat.  Today, I noticed there is sugar in my peanut butter. Really? Is that necessary? We’ve already been aware of the nasty effects of high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and other fake sugars and have cut most of those from our diet years ago.  It’s the hidden sugars that are still making their way into our diet (and my obsession with chocolate!).

Sugar in high doses is so damaging on our hearts, organs, and overall well being.  My daughter and I have been sick almost non-stop this cold and flu season and I think a lot of it has to do with the level of sugar she and I intake (she took after her mother in her chocolate obsession).  And have you heard, that sugar can be more addictive than heroin? It’s no wonder food manufacturer’s are adding it to all foods.  Our family has been slowly moving more and more towards non-processed foods but we still have a ways to go.

Thus my challenge to you….join our family in a 14 day elimination of processed sugars.  What does this mean? Eating primarily fruits, vegetables, and protein (i.e. not processed foods). From the research I’ve done, 14 days is the time it takes for our bodies’ to change cravings and taste buds.  Thus, after 14 days, we’ll crave it less and it will continue to be a way of life (hopefully!).  Yes, I’m not looking forward to the 14 days but I’m looking forward to the end result…a diet with less processed sugars.  Rather than picking a lofty goal, such as a year or something, 14 days feels doable and I’m hoping after 14 days the change will continue.

This involves reading every label.  The secret places they hide sugars are unbelievable.  Our soy sauce, salad dressing, peanut butter, bread, drinks, and more are all filled with added sugars.

Beginning May 1st, our family will be attempting to eliminate all processed sugars.  We challenge you to join us.  We hope that you join us. Please comment on here if you are planning to join and we can encourage each other on!  I’m hoping to be able to post recipes of non-processed foods and those free of sugars.  Because of course, it’s hard to eliminate foods from our diets and lifestyle without having something to replace it.   If you have one you’d like to share a recipe, please let me know! I’d be happy to share it on our blog!