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My Efforts to Create Intentional Time for my Daughter–Sensory Painting

I in no way claim to be an amazing, put together, always on top of it mom! Oftentimes it’s the opposite. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little depressed about how much time I spent doing the daily “stuff” in between my hours at work that I feel I neglect my daughter.

In this current season, I have 2 days home with her during the day. I’ve decided to be intentional with those 2 days.  Mondays, I have dedicated to doing a special project with her and on Wednesdays will we will do a special date.  There is no expectation that these things need to be grand but I need that intentionality and time set aside in order to feel like I’m actually stopping time and focusing on her.

This last Monday, we spent some time with the finger paints. I went around the house trying to find a variety of sensory things to incorporate into the finger paints to make it different than usual.  It was easy to find them…a toilet paper roll, cotton ball, q-tip, salt, popcorn kernals, cookie cutters, and an old make up brush.

There was no rhyme or reason to any of the painting we did! I let her be creative and just spent the time being with her (for the most part! She painted for a very long time so I started getting some stuff done towards the end!)

As an OT, I love this! I’d go into all the details of why but my brain is a little fried at the time.  To summarize its a great task for development of sensory skills, attention, creativity, and pre-writing.


My challenge for you today? Take 10 minutes to do SOMETHING with your kids, spouse, family, whoever is in your life.  It could be as simple as playing a game of cards, reading a book, or staring at the stars! It’s worth the effort! Trust me!

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