You, Set Free

A Journey To…


I see you friend, you’re doing it, #allthethings
There are kids to feed, lunches to pack, 

appointments to make, owies to mend, heart wounds to heal, 

life choices to make and so much more.

You’re getting up early & 

going to bed late trying to squeeze it all in.

Surviving on coffee, grab and go snacks, and left over scraps from the kids’ food
Gosh, you can feel so stuck sometimes right?

Gosh, you can feel so stuck sometimes right?

Imagine if...

You could finally feel like you ARE enough

It’s not about how many things you check off the list, the PTA events you are involved in, or the grades your kids get

You found rest & restoration amidst your day to day 

You felt connected to your kids, your spouse, & to yourself

Confidence in your own skin & living full of energy was your norm

Monster Mom or the nagging wife were things of the past

You were living a life that matters

You woke each morning full of abundance, gratefulness & joy!

You, Set Free

is your guide to setting you free from what’s holding you back from a joy filled life. 

The to-do list no longer rules your life. You can sit, relax, drink a cup of coffee and know…

that where you are is EXACTLY where you need to be. 

YOU no longer have to be last on the list. 

I’m handing you the opportunity to trade chaos & busy in for good…

To no longer barely survive your days & only looking forward to the next bedtime. 

You can become the rested, patient, confident & joyful woman you desire to be!

You, Set Free {Expanded}

8 Week Journey to Freedom from Chaos
$ 199
  • You, Set Free Course
  • Private Community to Collab & Support​
  • 30 Min 1:1 Mentorship Call
  • BONUS: 3 Months of Monthly Live Group Mentorship
  • BONUS: Digital Copy of the "Create a Life You Love" Journal
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access 2019 More than Mom Summit PLUS 2018's More than Mom Summit

You, Set Free + Bonuses

8 Week Journey to Freedom from Chaos
$ 99
  • You, Set Free Course
  • Private Community to Collab & Support​
  • BONUS: 3 Months of Monthly Live Group Mentorship
  • BONUS: Digital Copy of the "Create a Life You Love" Journal
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to 2019 More than Mom Summit

video training

Over 8 modules of information in short snippets to make it easily absorbed in your day to day life. 



20+ pages of writing prompts, journaling, & practical exercises to integrate what you’re learning into your life


private community

A safe space to connect with other women, just like you who want more in their lives. Share your highs and lows, get inspiration, and create your own real community


lifetime access

It’s yours to keep! No deadlines, no losing content. Get a referesher each time you need. 



For 3 months, you’ll get BONUS group mentorship calls with me & other amazing speakers to help you stay on track, dive deeper, & feel supported along the way.


  • Find balance among the million things calling your name
  • Identify how you can manage #allthethings well
  • The secrets to creating a day you love 
  • The dangers of multitasking
  • Find out how to live a more joyful life 
  • Strategies to eliminate the to-do list
  • Real ways to find rest amidst the day to day
  • Practical tips to rid your life of clutter that’s weighing you down
  • Create ways to clean less and live more
  • Learn the dangers of multitasking
  • Tackle the fears, anxieties & doubts that are holding you back (even if you aren’t aware you have any yet!)
  • Learn to choose grace over perfection
  • Let go of guilt or shame that you aren’t good enough, worthy enough, or just arent enough
  • Uncovering the realities of supermom
  • How do you stop comparing your life to other women
  • Learn strategies to implement rhythms of rest and still getting it all done
  • Carve out special “you” time even when it doesn’t feel possible
  • Embrace flow over hustle
  • Cherish each moment, even the crazy not so fun ones!
  • No more endless pots of coffee to keep yourself running through the day
  • The powerful tools that you can implement in less than 10 minutes that will boost your energy
  • List of powerhouse foods, nutition tips, & fitness that an radically shift your focus & energy
  • Learn to trust your body
  • Work with the ryhthym’s of your body rather than feeling frustrated and depleted
  • How can you connect & increase intimacy with your partner
  • Getting through the day without yelling at the kids or melting down in frustration
  • Recognize & overcome melt down triggers
  • How to raise resilient & emotionally connected children
  • Create vision & intention for your life
  • The power of your thoughts 
  • The steps you can take to live the life you lov​e
  • Raise the ceiling on your potential and possibility
  • Live group coaching calls to ask your questions & get extra support (with the Complete & Extended options)
  • How to integrate any new habit into your life & downloadable healthy habit planner with Katie Rolak
  • How to take care of yourself when life gives obstacles with Colleen Errington, founder of the Warrior Mom Project & Autism Warrior Support Coach
  • Become an affiliate, share with your friends & earn extra income for sharing the love

Questions??? I got yo' back!

Q: Girl, I hardly have any time as it is, how am I going to add this in too?
Me: I hear you! I know that feeling. And when I'm not practicing what I teach, I get back to that same spot. All these lessons are designed to be quick, and easy for you to take at your own pace. There's no failing at this course. I've designed each of the steps & exercises to help you ADD time into your days. So while it may require a little time on the front end, my goal is that you gain more freedom & time in your days.
Q: How much time will it take for me to get through it?
Me: Each video will be 10-30 minutes so you could watch a couple at a time, one a day, whatever works for your life. You may breeze through some and want to rewatch others. But as a general guide, if you plan 10-20 minutes a day to watch content and integrate into your life, you'll be golden. HOWEVER, if you are sitting there saying "I don't have 20 extra minutes a day?" read question 1 above!!
Q: Can I buy it now and go through the content later?
Me: Of course! And life happens, so you can pause and come back to it a little bit at a time.
Q: I'm on a tight budget and nervous about spending the money. How do I know it's going to be worth it?
Me: I have soooo been there! I've spent so much money in online courses. And honestly, some haven't been worth my money. I've been disappointed and frustrated with feeling I've wasted money. So I'd NEVER want to do that to you. If for any reason, we will refund 100% of the cost if you aren't completely happy within the first 7 days.
Q: I'm interested, but it's not the right time
Me: Summer's starting, Christmas is coming.There's always something. If we’re being honest, it’s never the right time when you have kids. Since the day they were born, your schedule has been a mess - right? That’s why now is the time to take a stand for you
renae fieck

This is me...

Hey there friend, I’m Renae. 

A mama to 3 littles and a lover of all things chocolate who lives in yoga pants (no seriously!) 

Between being an occupational therapist, helping women change their lives, & spending my free time at the beach or in my garden, I’m snapping photos (like thousands!) 

You can come see a few over at instagram…real, sometimes raw mom life moments.

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