the simplest Secret to 

getting more done in less time

And it’s likely something you’ve NEVER heard before!

Do you wish you had a few extra hours in the day?

Most women make the mistake of thinking that in order to have enough time for work and be present for their families they need to…

  • Implement a new routine,
  • Hustle,
  • Use a scheduling app,
  • Hustle,
  • Set timers, 
  • Hustle (catching a theme here?)
  • Be uber organized in order to manage their time. 

Maybe you’ve tried a “magical” organization system, time management strategies, or constant hustling, yet something still seems to be missing. 

Some days it feels like you’re managing well…crushing your biggest projects, energy feels great, momentum is high, and you feel connected with your family.

While other days…eh, not so much. Other times there’s zero motivation in the bucket, your energy is zapped, it’s easy to feel triggered with the kids.

But The Truth is…

It’s not your fault…and the problem isn’t you.

If you’re like most women it’s because you were taught to manage your time using a 24-hour calendar system.

The 24-hour schedule assumes that your energy, productivity, and focus are the same throughout the day and from one day to the next.  

This time system is ideal for men because it functions similar to testosterone… refreshing and replenishing every 24 hours.

And this 24-hour system is why you can feel caught on a hamster wheel of juggling work and life (and maybe not doing it very well) because women aren’t designed to live this way. 

The problem with most time-management strategies is you’re still using them within the 24 hour schedule which is like putting a band-aid on a broken bone.

But you’ve likely never been taught anything different…until now.

instead of the 24-hour schedule, 

your body was designed to run on a 28-day cycle calendar.

Rather than the 24 hour testosterone cycle, estrogen and progesterone shift and change throughout the entire month. 

Which impacts…

  • the way your brain thinks,
  • how much energy you have,
  • what your mood feels like,
  • your level of focus and productivity,
  • and so much more.

As a woman, in order for you to feel like you have enough time to balance work and home life, you have to to integrate your life within your 28-day cycle system.


cycle 101 mock up

when you join Your Cycle 101 

you’ll gain…

 The Foundations of the Cycle Advantage™️ Method where you’ll discover how your body is uniquely designed differently then men, designed to operate on the 28-day calendar versus 24-hours,  and how to tap into your limitless potential as a woman.

Your Cycle 101 Challenge Tasks to provide step-by-step implementation steps to get more done in less time by aligning with your body and cycle.

The secrets to maximizing your time so you can actually crush your biggest projects, scale your business, AND still have time for your family.

Discover how the Four Phases of your month are impacting the way you think, communicate, attract new clients, and so much more

Learn how to begin cycle syncing your life and business and the #1 question you need to be asking yourself every single day

hear it from other women…

I was doing all the things that I thought made me more productive…time blocking, scheduling, to-do lists, etc but I often found myself struggling to execute what was planned and scheduled. Drowning in overwhelm, guilt & frustration around why I couldn’t ‘get my act together.'” I thought there was something wrong with me. -Millie B.

imagine getting more done in less time

And finally being able to have time achieve those biggest goals without sacrificing yourself or your family.

Cycle Advantage 101 Challenge is an investment that will pay you back for a lifetime.

And even beyond your lifetime…imagine the legacy you’re creating for your children and grandchildren.

And what else might become possible for you when you start feeling like you have extra time to spare?  Or you build the biz you desire to create?

And when you weigh the value of that against the investment, than it seems like a no-brainer.

That’s right! 

you can join the challenge for just $49 $7

i feel ya!

As a working mama of 3, I was SOOO over the constant shuffle.

The constant juggle between the work and family life may leave ya feeling like time isn’t on your side.

I had big dreams and goals I wanted to achieve but I didn’t want that feeling of being 10 steps behind all the time, never taking a break without feeling guilty, and still stressed with all there is to do.

It can leave ya feeling full of regrets and never quite enough and like you’re missing precious moments with your family.

Then I discovered that it wasn’t about adding a new system or routine, but rather the fact that I was scheduling using a 24 hour calendar vs a 28 day cycle. 

Leveraging my cycle allowed me to 5x my business working 2-3 days a week.

Hey there! I’m Renae!

renae Fieck
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When you join into this workshop, I will GUARANTEE you’ll see you massive changes in your time, life and home…


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Questions??? I got ya!

Me: I hear you! I know that feeling. When life is crazy and it seems like one more thing will tip ya over, it’s hard to add anything in. But if what you’re doing is keeping you strapped on time, when will it ever change…unless your open to trying something different?

Me: Summer’s starting, Christmas is coming.There’s always something.
If we’re being honest, it’s never the right time when you have kids. But do you want to wake up as your children move out, regretting not savoring those precious years. Since the day they were born, your schedule has been a mess – right? Until you decide you want to make the change, you’ll never have the time.

So when is the right time? Do you know?
In fact, if you don’t know, how long have you been putting THIS off and using “now isn’t the time” as
your excuse.
How much longer are you willing to put it off?

You’ll be able to join in live, ask questions, and maximize the most of this workshop. However, we realize life happens and so you’ll retain ongoing access.

While we’d say “lifetime”, a lifetime is a long time and we’re never really sure what the future holds. So if there was ever a time when the workshop ceased to exist, you would be notified and given access to download all content so you could further retain access.

I hear ya 1000%. And there’s really no other way to say it, but you need this workshop.

We’re going to show you exactly how to start and to actually gain back time so that it feels light, easy, and fun!

Now’s your moment to decide…

From here you have 2 choices. The first is to do nothing.

I’m sure you and I both know that doing nothing means, nothing changes.

Do you want to stay on the daily hamster wheel, trying to juggle biz and life, which is ultimately limiting how successful your biz becomes, or 

Are you ready to rock your to-do list, get your time back, and scale your biz to the next level??

but choose quickly!

Are you really willing to let another month go by hustling?

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