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For my son’s first preschool Valentine’s party I sent him with $4 Toy Story fold over valentines from Target. All of the other mom’s showed up with goodie bags and gift bags and homemade cookies and all sorts of cute little things. In previous years, I would have stayed up until midnight handcrafting sweet little valentines. I still would enjoy doing these things, if I had time. But the takeaway is, I DIDN’T FEEL GUILTY! I didn’t feel jealous that they had the time/energy to do that. I didn’t feel bad about not preparing little gifts for my three year old’s friends. I know that all of the things Renae has coached or encouraged me or others  – I’m seeing all of that come to light! So, thank you Renae, for being encouraging in letting go of all of the mom guilt. I felt like I took a big step forward today. Instead of being sad for myself that I didn’t have an instagrammable valentine or thinking I was a bad mom – I instead felt happy for those that were able to come up with great ideas and did not feel jealous. I give all of the credit to Renae and what she is doing!

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