Snuggle Buddies


Emotional communication and regulation is a vital skill for kids to learn. These stuffed animals are excellent tools to increase emotional awareness in your kids

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As an occupational therapist, I teach kids on the daily about learning to regulate their emotions. Snuggle Buddies are AMAZING!

These animals have helped unlock my kids emotions when they’re having a meltdown and don’t have the words to state what they’re feeling.

They are incredibly soft and snuggly and is a constant reminder that it’s important for us to be intentional with checking in with our emotions and sharing and communicating them.


PS-This is an affiliate product.  By clicking purchase now, you’ll be directed to purchase on their site.  There is no added cost to you, but using this link helps enable me to bring you more valuable content and resources, so thanks for the support! I would never recommend something I didn’t whole-heartedly believe in!


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