2019 More than Mom Summit Exclusive Access


Imagine if you… 

→  Had more time to play with your kids

 →  Had a cleaner house with less time cleaning

 →  Woke with joy and excitement each morning

 →  Had MORE freaking energy!!

 →  Felt passion & purpose whether you are a stay at home mom or working mom

 →  No longer felt unworthy, not enough, or compared yourself to all the other moms who seem to have it together

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Access unbelievable and exclusive interviews.

20+ women are going to share with you

life-changing secrets, tools, and hacks that have unleashed their ability to…


→  Let go of mom guilt & the mom comparison game

→  Find incredible joy (despite that chaos of living with kids)

→  Slow it all down (cause those kiddos grow WAY too fast)

→  Savor the moments (even the crazy ones)

→  Make the day to day easier

→  Eliminate the endless to-do list (cause who wants to spend all day cleaning & doing dishes??)

Join 1000s of other women who have used these tools to ditch chaos & create more joy


Mama, I know it’s hard sometimes. There’s always someone else needing your time & attention, am I right??

But here’s the deal….

These interviews are going to FUEL you.

→  YOU deserve to be the thriving mother

→  Just ONE thing from this summit can CHANGE your life.

→  So think of all you might gain from over TWENTY amazing women??

→  ONLY 20-30 minute interviews so that you can listen while you drive to school, fold the laundry, or relax after the day.


Jenni Catron

Rachel Martin

Rebecca Cooper

Stacy Myers

Lisa-Jo Baker

MacKenzie Koppa

Marlena Banks

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Jane Jenkins Herlong

Kat Lee

Becky Kopitzke

Suzanne Tucker

September McCarthy

Shonda Moralis

Beth Bruno

Katie Kimball

Kristin Schell

Kristin Funston

Elisa Pulliam

Lee Felix

Samantha Nelson

Erica Layne

Karen Patten

Amy Seiffert


7 reviews for 2019 More than Mom Summit Exclusive Access

  1. RenaeFieck

    The knowledge is next to none and the tips are priceless. Thank you so much for this gift and your vision. It is a life saver and it’s great to know I’m not the only one with struggles.- MG

  2. RenaeFieck

    I’m receiving the e-mails & really enjoying The Summit! Thank you SO much for providing all of these incredible women with their insight and wisdom… I only wish this would’ve been available when my kids were little!
    I have 2 teenagers & the early yrs were so incredibly challenging – I was lonely and desperate for support, so this is an awesome gift you are giving all Moms!!
    There is still a lot to take away from this with my kids being older & I am soaking it up 🙂
    Keep up the awesome work, you are amazing!! -ER

  3. RenaeFieck

    I’m happy by the depths of the interviews you’re able to fit in in 20-30mins.

  4. RenaeFieck

    I’m loving the summit! I have felt more encouraged, peaceful, and joyful these past couple weeks and I’m positive it’s the influence of these messages! Thank you so much for all your hard work putting this together. 💕-JJ

  5. RenaeFieck

    Thank you so much for this summitt! I am gleaning so much! So refreshing for my Mama heart! -AK

  6. RenaeFieck

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this summit!! On a whim, I joined in and I’m so glad and grateful I did. I’ve been given alot to ponder and I want to grow in lots of different areas. Thanks to you, Renae, and all the ladies that have come on and shared. It’s been a big blessing to me! If there are ever future summits, I’d like to take part or even if this one goes again, I’d like to invite several of my close friends.-KD

  7. RenaeFieck

    I joined in late and missed a few at the start and along the way. If i had truly known what a benefit the all access would be i would have snagged it from the beginning…lesson learned! -JC

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