Hey Mama,

Do you Want more time?

I hear it all the time….busy, overwhelmed, exhausted.

If only I had an extra 24 hours in the day THEN I’d be able to get it all done.

Why is it that some women seem to be able to manage a million things and yet you might be feeling like you’re barely surviving? 

Phew…the number of nights I laid my head down on the pillow wishing I could have just an extra day…maybe THEN I’d be able to rest.

But until that time travelling machine comes along, what’s a mom to do?

I don’t know about you, but I’m guessing you feel the same as I….you don’t want to wait till your kids are long and gone moved out before you feel like you can finally catch a breath.

And I’m also going to guess that you’d like to do something more than just laundry, dishes, and to-do list checks every day.  

Which is why I want to share a secret with you…

It’s not a matter of the number of things your managing that’s leaving you exhausted and busy, it’s the way you think about time.

And extra hour, or even an extra 24 hours, won’t change a thing unless you change the way you use and think about your time.

I know it’s crazy, right?

So whether you’re a working mom, SAHM, WAHM, or a mom who just feels like you never have enough time….

within the How to Create More Time Masterclass, you’ll gain the tools to GAIN more time in your life without adding anything else to your to do list.

Imagine what you could actually do if you didn’t feel like you were constantly struggling to keep up with all the to-do’s.

….maybe drink your coffee before it gets cold. 

…or maybe take a bath (in peace & quiet)

…or maybe just sit…with nothing to do.

What you choose to do with the extra time is up to you. 

The choice is yours…take the next 15 minutes and unlock the tools that can give you the time and space to actually enjoy your day, or keep on a’hustling all the day long.

Satisfaction guarantee

I seriously want you to feel the freedom from all the stuff that I KNOW is possible! 

But if you aren’t happy with this purchase within the first 30 days, I will refund your money! 

I 100% believe that you can find more space to enjoy your home. But if you don’t feel this checklist helps you do that, I get it, and will refund your money.

This is me...

I’m Renae Fieck, and I help moms who feel overwhelmed with the daily to-do’s create space and rest within their lives, without feeling like they’re neglecting their families, themselves, or those passions they may have tucked away since becoming a mom..

I’m a mompreneur, podcaster, speaker, and the founder of the Rising Moms Club. 

I’m also the mom of 3 and when I reached my rock bottom moment the year after my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor, I KNEW something had to shift. I needed to do something different if I wanted my life to feel different. And that’s what I did….

Now there’s nothing more rewarding for me than to see my clients lives changed–for them to step into the happy thriving and joyful mom they desire to be. 


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