Summit Begins May 2019

    It’s time to ditch the comparison game and busy filled lives and find a place to just be…. To live a life that is both inspiring, restful, and makes you excited to wake up in the morning.

    When I became pregnant for the very first time, I thought I knew what motherhood was going to be like. Now 3 kids later, I’ve learned I need to give myself a HEAVY dose of grace.

    Now just under a decade into motherhood and 3 kids later, I’m learning that

    less is more.  

    Being is better than doing.  

    Stillness (at least in my heart!) is better than busy-ness. 

    Yet the world around me says otherwise. 

    I sometimes feel like I’m longing for something that doesn’t exist…or going against the grain.  But those are just stories. 

    I can create more space…

    more time….more freedom. And you can too.

    I am not super mom, super wife, super therapist or super anything else.  We are real.  We have real messes, real fights, and real struggles.  


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    Rachel Martin

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    Rebecca Cooper

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