More than Mom

Summit Launches April 30, 2018

  • Learn practical strategies to find self care amidst mom life
  • Lay aside perfection & mom guilt Trade exhausted & overwhelmed with excited & present¬†
  • Find joy in the season you are in, even if it's filled with crazy toddlers & no sleep
  • 20-30 minute mom empowering interviews delivered to your email daily
  • You can squeeze them in during school drop offs, after bed, or whenever you can find time


What Do We Do When We Don't Feel Like We Measure Up

How This Mama Quit Her Day Job to Be a Full TIme Stay at Home Mama

The Reality of Mom Perfection & Why It May Be Sabotaging Your Happiness

When The Postpartum Blues Don't Go Away...AND, Keys to Keeping The Love Alive With Your Partner

Needing to Spice Up the Intimacy? How to Regain Connection with ourselves & Others Both In and Out of the Bedroom

Does Supermom Really Exist?: How We Build Our Dreams During Ordinary Life

How We Rise Above While Raising our Kids to be Confident Strong Leaders 

Real Talk About Body Image, Self Worth, & Our Sense of Purpose in the Digital Age

Breaking Free From Stress: The Mom Stress Assessment & Intervention Tools

Navigating the Seasons of Motherhood with LOTS & LOTS of Grace

How to Reorganize & Regain Control of Our Lives From the Inside Out

Meal Planning Secrets for the Busy & Budget Friendly Mom

The Overcoming Mom: How We Overcome Struggles When Life Isn't Unicorns & Rainbows

Secrets To Creating The Life You Want.

Is It Normal to Pee When I Do Jumping Jacks: Self Care for the Mom Bod

Eliminate the Mealtime Stress: Feeding Our Kids Without the Battle

How to Release Control, Release Competent Teens into the World & Celebrate The Moments in Between

How Do We Become Parents Who Don't Yell

How We Can Tap into the Energy of Our Body's Cycle

How We Can Tap into the Energy of Our Body's Cycle




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