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What If My Cycle Is Irregular


What If My Cycle Is Irregular

So, you want to change the game and level up your business?

Maybe you’re ready to optimize your time and productivity zones using your cycle.

But suddenly your mind is bombarded with lots of what-ifs and maybes…

Is cycle syncing really for me?

What if I have an irregular cycle?

What if I am on birth control?

How will cycle thinking even work during certain months your cycle is thrown off the norm because of stress and other health conditions that unexpectedly show up?

Keep calm, and listen in! 

I also came from a history of irregular cycles. Even today my cycle can still get pretty unpredictable.

Last year, when I went through a lot of stress because of COVID, my cycle became wonky again.

But I’ve learned that…

  • When I started to listen to my body and my energy levels, my cycle began to normalize.
  • Asking the right questions can impact the quality of life I live.
  • Having a change of mindset can be an absolute game-changer!

Join me in today’s episode to learn more game-changing insights:

  • Practical tools and principles you can apply even if your cycle gets wacky
  • The biggest shift you need to make to uplevel your business, life and relationships
  • Powerful ways you can still rely on your cycle advantage even if you have an irregular cycle
  • The importance of listening to your body and tracking your “cycle cues” each month to understand why your cycle is irregular

“Different questions, get different answers. The higher quality question is going to get you to a possibly greater outcome.”  – Renae Fieck


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