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Do You Feel Guilty Taking a Break? Watch This

More than 75% of people raised their hands, saying they felt guilty about taking time off of work.

I was in a zoom room with a few hundred other entrepreneurs when the one being coached got real vulnerable and admitted to feeling guilty for taking time off away from her business.

And the number of other hands that raised in the agreement was astounding.

I mean, didn’t you start your business to have more time off?? Not feel guilty about taking it?

But how do we do it?

When there are a million things to do (and a million big awesome goals we want to achieve), how do we slow and take the time off?

And WHY is it so important that we do?

We’ll answer both of those 2 questions and more inside this episode with Your Cycle Advantage member and founder of Mind Marvels, Karen Gibb.

As someone who loves to be productive and finds resting really challenging, I know what it feels like to feel guilty about taking time away.

Over the past few years, it’s an area I’ve had to grow and stretch…even requiring me to travel to places off the grid so that there was nothing for me to do but rest and recharge (true story!)

(Although, confession moment…I’ve grown obsessed with reading romantic comedies and dramas and have found myself in recent months curled up with a good book for hours on end! Have any good ones you’d recommend? Send the titles over to me!)

What I’ve grown to discover over the years is that resting is a skill. 

Some of us that like to achieve big things and create and see our goals come to life need extra support in learning this skill.

And having a guide, such as your cycle, to help be your compass to creating this rhythm of productivity and resting is essential.

“It’s not always about letting go of things. Sometimes it’s about just doing it differently so you align with how you might feel in that moment.” -Karen Gibb

Inside this amazing conversation, Karen and I will uncover…

    • The real reason goal setting doesn’t always work for women and what you need to do instead.
    • Why slowing down doesn’t always mean you have to neglect the to-do list or let go of things
    • And Karen’s favorite tool for tracking her body and cycle without even having to think about it
Meet Karen

When she was a school teacher, one thing kept leaping out at her – children struggle to manage emotions. Given her experiences as a child, it unlocked her drive to change that. She founded Mind Marvels in 2018 while she was still a teacher.

As Mind Marvels gained momentum, she reduced her hours at school and went out into the community, and also supported families.

It has allowed her to fill the gaps she saw in the education system in a way that truly impacts young people.

She is no longer that anxious youngster who was held back in life. She have her own wellbeing toolbox – and Mind Marvels gave her that.

She now delivers well-being sessions in schools and nurseries and has just launched their children’s wellbeing franchise too.

Connect with Karen

IG: @mindmarvels


Contact: [email protected]





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