The Ultimate Strategy for Women to

Attract More Time, Money, 

and Balance

Use Your Menstrual Cycle to Boost Your Productivity and Profit

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Have you ever wondered why some days you have the energy, motivation, and focus to crush your goals, and other days, it feels like ya have to force it?


Inside this 3-day workshop you’ll discover how to leverage your cycle to create your DREAM BIZ and get back your time and energy all while taking a week off every month!

You want a thriving biz AND family life…

Only problem is…how do you really balance both well?

There are 3 main hurdles that are keeping you from growing the business and family you want…

Which one is keeping you stuck?


Your momentum and energy aren’t always consistent. Some days you’re on fire and other days you can’t seem to get it together. 

You want to a thriving business and you just wish you had enough momentum to do more and the energy when you need it.

And the reality is…some days you’re forcing yourself to show up for a live training when all you want to do is curl up on the couch with your laptop, clean out your emails, and Netflix.

When everyone says the key to success is consistency, it may have you feeling like you’re just not cut out to be an entrepreneur and that there’s something wrong with you. 


You find yourself constantly hustling and often times with more to do than time to get it done. 

You wish you had just a few extra hours in the day so you could balance growing your business, spending time with your family, and still have time to take care of your self.

You’ve got big goals and hustling to get it all done feels like the only option.

But the constant hustling has you feeling like nothing is getting the best of you and really…when was the last time you actually relaxed and had fun?


You have big goals and dreams of building a profitable business. But sometimes it just feels just out of reach.

You want a plan and system in place for a thriving and profitable business that gives you the freedom you desire.

You’ve put in the work, you’ve got some results but it hasn’t been enough to give you the freedom you desire.

And sometimes leaves you wondering if achieving your dreams is in fact possible.

It feels like there are SO MANY THINGS standing in your way which is causing you to...


Force yourself to work into the late hours or early in the morning, squeezing things into every crack of time and still not getting it all done.



Jumping from strategy to strategy trying to find that one that magically takes off…or worse…implementing strategies that feel totally out of alignment.

And no matter how hard you try... having time for life and building a thriving biz always feels a bit out of reach.
Sound familiar?

What's Up! I'm Renae, Cycle Syncing Expert

If you’re new to me…I’m a Cycle Syncing Business coach and have had the honor of empowering 100s to redefine the way women work. 

In 2016, as a new mom to 3 and a husband with a brain tumor I was determined to create a life I loved and jumped 2 feet into a side hustle with the hopes of creating financial and time freedom. 

In 2019…I was completely burnt out and wondered if it was in fact possible to raise a family and build a business at the same time.

Fast forward to 2021 when using my body’s natural rhythms allowed me to 5x my revenue, work fewer hours, and feel so much more balanced along the way.

All because I discovered the power of your menstrual cycle.

Inside this 3-day workshop, I’m going to give you the exact strategies I use to leverage my cycle to create 5-figure months working only during school hours, just 2-3 days a week!

Here’s the truth, friend:

If you're trying to build a thriving business and be present for your family,
you need to stop using the 24-hour calendar system.

Chances are if you’re like most women, you’ve been taught to use a 24-hour calendar to manage your time.

Yet it doesn’t matter how organized, committed, or focused you are, the 24-hour system is wasting your time.

The 24-hour schedule assumes that your energy, productivity, and focus are the same throughout the day… and from one day to the next.  

This time system is ideal for men because it functions similar to testosterone… refreshing and replenishing every 24 hours.

And this 24-hour system is why you can feel caught on a hamster wheel of juggling work and life because women aren’t designed to live this way. 

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Rather than the 24 hour testosterone cycle, women have estrogen and progesterone, which shift and change creating a 28-day cycle that impacts the way you feel throughout the entire month…

These changes impact…

  • the way your brain thinks,
  • how much energy you have,
  • what your mood feels like,
  • your level of focus and productivity,
  • how creative you are,
  • and so much more.

Virtually, every part of your day-to-day is impacted by these shifts but you’ve likely never been taught it before…until now. 

With your 28-day rhythm, a clear plan of action, and a sustainable business system, you’ll finally be able to build a business that was designed for your life.

Once you have these 3 ingredients, you’ll finally have enough time and energy for for your family and to build a business that makes a massive impact in the lives of many.

So let’s do this!


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A 3-Day Workshop for Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs to Honor Their Natural Rhythms, Reclaim Time and Energy, and Build Their Dream Biz while Taking a Week Off Every Month

"From unlocking your HIGHEST levels of productivity, energy, and creativity to scaling your business without sacrificing your life or family"

By the end of our time together, you’ll have a roadmap to finally stop questioning what you’re doing, step into being the entrepreneur you know you are capable of becoming, and creating true work-life balance.

Here’s What You’re Getting Inside The Workshop:

3 Days of Training kicking off 1/28/2024

to Take You From “There’s never enough time” to Thriving in Life and Business ($800 Value)

Each day, I’ll help you work through the key ingredients of how to scale your business within your natural feminine rhythms so you can get more done in less time. 

You’ll gain access to our exclusive members portal with lifetime access to each training so you can come back as often as you desire.

I’ll share with you exactly what doesn’t work for women (and why following most strategies out there is going to lead you straight towards burnout) and what you need to do instead to grow and scale your business in a sustainable way. 

Let me shorten the learning curve for you!

Training 1: Design Your 6-Figure Year Blueprint the Feminine Way

One of the biggest mistakes women are making is stepping into the next 12 months with goal setting strategies and plans that weren’t designed for women…leaving them hustling, exhausted, and short on time.

Which is why in day 1, you’ll discover the secrets to how women should be planning their year and setting goals so that you have enough energy, motivation, creativity, and focus (and more!) so that you can make a bigger impact while working less.

Hint hint: it’s not actually about doing more! In fact, using this method will allow you to take MORE time off for vacation or holiday breaks without worrying that your biz momentum is going to slide.

Training 2: How to Leverage Your Cycle’s Power for More Time, Money, & Balance

(The Secret No One Ever Told You That You Can’t Afford to Miss!)

Have you ever noticed some days you feel great…While other days… eh, not so much …and you’re left wondering why it feel so hard to stay consistent when you were crushing it just a few weeks ago?

You’re not crazy! These shifts are completely normal (and can actually become your greatest strengths).

In day 3 you’ll discover how to leverage your cycle to increase your productivity, creativity, and attract more clients.

You’ll discover why time management strategies like time blocking or batching don’t always work for women and what to do instead.

When you align with your rhythms, you’ll finally be able to create true work-life balance. 

Reality is your time is valuable. With these rhythms you’ll discover how to go from forcing yourself to get something done to knowing when to work so that you’re the most effective with your time. 

Training 3: 3 Essential Ingredients to Building Your Dream Biz the Feminine Way

There’s a million experts teaching differing strategies, leaving many women to jump from strategy to strategy, chasing shiny objects, frustrated that nothing seems to give them the success they’re desiring.

In our final training, you’ll discover the 3 core steps you need to build your dream business, your way!

You’ll discover how to avoid the biggest mistakes women are making when it comes to running their businesses that are costing you both time and money.

Imagine where you can be in 12 months time if you had a vision and plan of action for your life and business that actually feels possible and aligned because your leveraging your body’s natural rhythms.


There’s more! Over $700 of additional BONUSES, including...


Embrace Your Inner Rhythm: A Guide to Embracing the Power of Your Feminine Body Cycle ($40 value)

Chances are that aside from a class or 2 in middle school, no one has actually taught you much about how your hormones are impacting the way you show up each day. We all know that moody time of the month, but your body does so much more. This workbook will give you the in’s and out’s of what you need to know about your body so that you can leverage your natural rhythm and energy to get more done with less effort.


"Manifest Your Abundant Year" Meditation ($40 value)

Many women get into entrepreneurship with the desire to create more time freedom in their lives. Yet they often find themselves working MORE hours. The problem is that most women don’t have a sustainable plan so they’re focused on the tasks that will move their biz forward. With this fill-in-the-blank 12-month plan you will know exactly what actions you need to take to achieve your biggest goals while being able to work fewer hours. 


Uncover Your Flow: The Cycle Synced 12-Month Business Blueprint ($80 value)

Many women get into entrepreneurship with the desire to create more time freedom in their lives. Yet they often find themselves working MORE hours. The problem is that most women don’t have a sustainable plan so they’re focused on the tasks that will move their biz forward. With this fill-in-the-blank 12-month plan you will know exactly what actions you need to take to achieve your biggest goals while being able to work fewer hours. 


"Crush Your Goals" Feminine Goal Setting Checklist ($40 value)

Most women are setting goals that leave them hustling or frustrated because they aren’t designed with permission to adjust to your natural rhythms. With this checklist, you’ll have the exact ingredients you need to set goals that you can actually achieve without hustling or burning yourself out trying to achieve them. 


Manifest More Abundance Transformational LIVE Breathwork Session

For years, I tried to “think” and “do” my way to more abundance until I realized there were subconscious blocks that were blocking me from the abundance I desired. Inside this breathwork session, we’ll focus on releasing anything that might be keeping you stuck or blocked from receiving all the abundance you desire to create this year. 


Access to our Pop-Up training Fb Group for Support and Accountability (value $500)

Most of society is telling you your cycle is a nuisance or a pain in the &#*#! Inside this group you’ll be surrounded with other high achieving women who are leaning into their feminine power. Research shows this alone will increase your likelihood to actually achieve your goals by more than 50%. You’ll get feedback from me as you map out the vision and roadmap for your best year yet, gain back your time and energy, and develop a sustainable system for generating more revenue.

Get the step-by-step LIVE training to create your cycle synced business for just $27!

When you sign up for the Cycle Sync Your Business workshop, you’ll get…

Snag over $1,200 in value...
...for just $27

CYB layout

And in case you need an extra (loving) push to believe in yourself… here’s our 20x guarantee:

Satisfaction guarantee

We 100% guarantee that you will love this workshop.

If after the end of Day 1 you feel like you haven’t gotten at least 20X the value of your investment, we will happily refund your investment in full. All you have to do is email us by 8:59am EST on Day 2 for a full refund.
Sound fair?

Don't just take our word,
Hear it from these women...

CYB testimonial

Have a burning question?
Here’s what’s come up for others:


We get it! Women are unique and your cycles are unique too. However, one thing we’ve discovered is that all women are rhythmical. So maybe your cycle doesn’t follow a 28-day cycle exactly, you do have a rhythm. And our goal is to help you discover that natural rhythm so that you can then leverage it.

Heck yes! We’re going to kick off our party on 1/28/2024 with 3 days of training and additional implementation bonus trainings (bringing ya all the goods!). 

We know that women have lots on their schedules and always want to make sure you’re able to tune in if your schedule conflicts.

You’ll not only have access to the trainings live but you’ll gain lifetime access to the content inside our exclusive members’ portal so you can come back and revisit as often as you desire.

For sure! Whether you jump into the facebook group, access the trainings via live zoom, or tune in on the exclusive members’ area, you’ll be sure to have a way to leverage these powerful trainings.

If you’ve made it here… then it’s time to decide, friend.

Here’s the truth: nothing changes if nothing changes. 

If you’re sick and tired of feeling like there’s never enough time, no matter what you do or system you attempt…
If you’ve ever thought “I thought I’d be further ahead by now” and you’re still not seeing the results you desire.
If you’ve ever felt like what you’re doing is just not working for you (or your family)…
Do you really want to let another cycle pass without accessing its untapped potential?
So.. you in? 
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