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The Charis Project is a podcast designed to help women bring more space, grace, and intention to their lives.  Through honest conversations, we share the highs and lows of life and practical strategies that can be implemented to create the life of your dreams.


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Our story

After reaching my meltdown moment on the vacation which should have been the highlight of my year, I realized I had to do something different.  

I wasn’t happy. 

I was tired of all the chaos. I was tired of the constantly doing. 

Inside I felt like life was just a daily hamster wheel of chores and to-do lists. 

We’d navigated intense stuff from new pregnancy, new job, to brain tumors and seizures.

The entire time, I kept going. 

I never let my foot off the gas. 

Until I ran out of gas. 

The Charis Project is intended to help you infuse grace, space, and intention in your life so that you never reach the point of running out of gas like I did.

And if you’re already there, it will give you the tools to get back up again.

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