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  • When you join Business By Design you get instant access to the 6 BBD training modules — videos and exercises that transform you from the struggling employee mindset into the take-charge Digital CEO. (Value: $4,997)
  • Plus you get all his Proven & Profitable PLUG & PLAY Launch Maps & Execution Guides! (Value: $2,997)
  • And not to mention, ALL his Marketing Templates! (Value: $1,997)
  • You get 6x LIVE Group Coaching Sessions to answer your questions, clear up doubts, and keep you motivated and on track. (Value: $2,982)

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James Wedmore Copy Conversion Cards

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BONUS #1 ($3000)

Ticket to the Amplify Retreat

LIVE In-Person Retreat in SoCal

Surround yourself and collaborate with other impact driven entrepreneurs in a 5-day all expenses included (excluding transportation to SoCal) transformational retreat in Southern California  designed for you to recharge your body and ignite your business.

Get out of the daily busy work and implement your 7-figure vision, 

and finally see the breakthrough year you’re desiring.

BONUS #2 ($500)

4 Months of Masterminding and Access to the CEO with Flow

An exclusive community to empower you to become a CEO with Flow.

  • Quarterly workshops digging into specific areas of your business, designed around the season of the year
  • Monthly coaching hot seat calls for you to break through limiting beliefs, dig deeper into leveraging and adapting with your cycle, and more
  • Copy Reviews for you to bring all your sales page, social copy, registration pages, whatever to maximize your magnetism and attract more clients
  • Monthly strategy calls digging into funnels, sales, systems and all things business
  • Weekly office hours for you to get my eyes in your business every week and get all your Q’s answered
  • Bonus Guest Experts bringing you the latest strategies, skills, and tools to help you scale your biz with flow and ease

BONUS #3 ($500)

Your Cycle Synced Business Roadmap

A VIP 1:1 3-hour intensive where you’ll get a custom roadmap and plan that will enable you to sync your cycle to your business so that you get clients fast!

This VIP strategy session is designed to create your roadmap for the next quarter so that you actually move your business forward.

Whether you want to map out your social media, a launch promotion, or another project in your business.

This VIP strategy session allows you to get my eyes on your projects and assist you in design a clear, effective, profitable strategy.

This VIP session is GOLD!

BONUS #4 ($100)

Money Magnet Activator

The ultimate tool to unlock your financial abundance through the power of your menstrual cycle.

Imagine harnessing the natural energy and wisdom of each phase – menstruation, follicular, ovulation, and luteal – to effortlessly attract wealth and prosperity into your life.

Through our specially crafted meditations, you’ll embark on a transformative journey that aligns your mindset, energy, and actions with the unique characteristics of each menstrual phase.

Experience the profound shifts as you tap into your inner power and intuition, release limiting beliefs around money, and activate your magnetic attraction to abundance.

Step into a new realm of financial abundance and fulfillment, where you manifest your dreams and embrace a life of true prosperity.

BONUS #5 ($97)

James Wedmore's Copy Conversion Cards

In this deck, you’ll receive 54 proven copy and communication formulas and concepts that CONVERT directly in the mail!

This palm-sized, travel-proof companion is the Swiss Army Knife of copywriting.

Take it on the go. Keep it at your desk. Pass it to your team.

Consider this 54 Card Deck…

  • Your Copy Checklist
  • Your Marketing Flashcards
  • Your Advanced Sales Training
  • Your Copy-Outsourcing Tool Kit

...PLUS! You'll Get ACCESS to James, The BBD Systems and Plug-N-Play Processses & Community!

If you're like me, you're excited about simplifying your business so you can...

Grow Your Biz AND Show Up for Your Family

The first 2 years of my business, I attended all the webinars, did all the trainings, and tried any free system I could get my hands on.

It literally felt like I was duct-taping systems together and jumping from one strategy to the next. 

So instead of growing, I found myself continuing to hustle and still making less than $1000/month.

Using James' proven systems and processes has been one of the BEST decisions I've made in my business!

And James Wedmore is THE MAN who helped me map out, plan and grow my business to what it is today!

And now, you can get all of James GENIUS bottled up into his premier training program ‘Business by Design!”

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