5 day retreat designed for biz women who desire

Flow and overflow

in abundance, success, and impact through activating their inner feminine magnetism.

Step outside the day to day to rejuvenate and reconnect with your inner feminine power, network with successful women entrepreneurs, and amplify your impact and income.

Join us March 1-5, 2024 in Sedona, AZ

There are two things most successful business owners have in common.


They seek out experiences that restore, inspire, and empower them so that they can focus on the visionionary tasks of their biz and work ON their biz instead of IN it.


They surround themselves with other successful women to get inspiration from and collaborate with because they know you become like the people you spend the most time with.

And I don’t need to tell you…that in order for you to achieve similar results you need to model what other successful female biz owners have done. 


Which means when you intentionally put yourself in the room with other successful biz owners and seek experiences that allow you to feel inspired and empowered you’ll…

show up in your business excited and ready, 

get out of the daily busy work and implement your 7-figure vision, 

and finally see the breakthrough year you’re desiring.


You awaken to the smell of the most delicious food aromas, 

feeling the sun’s glow on your face as you rise

You know that shortly after you savor your breakfast and the company of the amazing women you’ve met, you’ll head down for a morning yoga session in the glow of the Red Rocks. 

Throughout the weekend, you might being sipping a mocktail, while laughing and sharing biz ideas with new friends, or creating an action plan for your $1million idea.

You find yourself laughing and having deep meaningful conversations while snacking on a rainbow of the most delicious fruits from mangos to pineapples.

No matter what you’re doing, you know one thing… 

You’re totally enjoying the full experience.

You’re feeling recharged and invigorated.

You’re feeling inspired and creative.

You’re feeling powerful and unstoppable.

You know this is EXACTLY where you needed to bethe people you needed to be around, and the experience you needed to create the space for your next breakthrough.

This and so much more is waiting for you at the Amplify Your Power Within Retreat.

the amplify retreat is for you if...

1. You are a female impact driven entrepreneur who wants to grow your biz (doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’re looking to scale to 7-figures).

2. You desire to create your business holistically with ease and flow embracing the feminine rhythms instead of subscribing to the hustle culture.


3. You love mixing pleasure and business (aka…sipping champagne in a lounge chair while mapping out your next million $ idea).

4. You’ve got a busy life! Whether it be kids, your biz, a 9-5 job, or just life… you KNOW that if you had just a weekend a way to focus and be inspired, you’d get so much done and feel productive AF!


Each intentional moment throughout this weekend is meaningfully designed for you to experience all Four Phases of the cycle within just 5 days. 

Each experience is woven together with the perfect blend of restoration and action, the balance of both the feminine and masculine energy.

Through experiential exercises, business breakthrough hot seats, transformational hiking experiences, from sipping champagne by firelight to a sunrise breathwork session designed to reinvigorate your energy, spark your wildest creativity, and amplify your feminine power so that you can lead your business to your next breakthrough without hustling or force.



sedona, AZ

Join us for 5 days, 4 nights (March 1-5, 2024) in the beautiful Sedona, AZ.

What’s included:

  • Your relaxing room with expansive outdoor spaces for your pleasure 
  • Delicious mouthwatering food and drinks that will leave you begging for more
  • Speakers, workshops, and exclusive experiences designed to blow your mind!

So basically we’ve got you covered! All you have to do is sit back, sip a margarita, enjoy the weekend, and be ready for the expansion of your life.


What Others Have Said

"I came because I was noticing repeated patterns that kept me stuck in my business and wanted clarity in my offer and how to move forward. Which I totally got.

Each woman brought so much expertise and to have access to each woman was amazing."
Millie Barra
Energy Healer for Moms
"I definitely gained strategy and plans for my business but more than that I gained the tools to actually move it forward.

All of the transformational experiences opened me up to actually integrate the business strategies"
Katie Rolak
Business Integrator
"I came because I wanted to advance my business with a feminine twist.

The activities were unexpected and so amazing leaving me really feeling like I can do anything.

I'm going home with way too many ideas that I'm excited to implement. It was well worth the investment.

I'm walking away with a clear distinct plan for how I'm moving forward in my business...and so confident."
Karen Gibb
CEO of Mind Marvels

what's included?

Essentially everything you could wish for!

Relaxing Accomodations

This private luxury space will meet your needs both inside and outside. You'll feel like you've stepped into a oasis from sunrise to sunset.

Life+ Biz Transforming Experiences

The AYPW retreat will be the perfect blend of actionable strategies and change making experiences.

Delectable Meals

Each meal will leave your mouth craving more and yet fully satiated at the same time. Discover a whole new palate designed to fuel your body with the energy you crave.

Live in person speakers

renae fieck

Renae Fieck

Cycle & Feminine Leadership Coach, Host of the Cycle Advantage Podcast and founder of Your Cycle Advantage.

james wedmore

James Wedmore

Host of the top-charting Mind Your Business podcast, founder of Business By Design the business blueprint for online entrepreneurs, and coach to 1000s of thriving entrepreneurs.


anna nichols

Host of Design and Align Your Business Podcast, Human Design Mentor and Business Strategist, founder of Discovery Leadership LLC.

your perfect weekend away

Each day at the Amplify Retreat is filled with the perfect blend of actionable biz strategies, collaboration, relaxation, and transformational experiences. 

  • Everyone arrives at our retreat center by 3pm.
  • Optional massages and experiences available to add on if you arrive early
  • Intention setting ceremony
  • Release and reconnect breathwork session
  • Sacred tea ceremony in the expansiveness of the Red Rocks
  • Cold plunge immersion
  • Human Design Business blueprints with Anna Nichols
  • Align with your highest self breathwork session
  • Magnetize Abundance hike experience
  • Envision and manifest breathwork session
  • Soul unwind silent experience
  • Surprise experience!
  • Optional add on massage or holistic experience
  • Elevate and Meditate trail experience
  • Elevate your business hot seats
  • Q&A and biz workshop with James Wedmore
  • Surprise experience!
  • Your future you ceremony
  • Everyone says goodbye and see you soons!

*This schedule subject to change.

This is an example of what each day may look like…


Sunrise Breathwork Session




Red Rocks Vortex Hike




Business Hot Seats


Integration & Self Reflection




Evening Breathwork Session

What's the Investment?

Shared Room

$ 2799
  • Shared room (Twin Bed)
  • Live Speakers and Custom Biz Workshops ($1000+)
  • Daily Experiential Transformation Sessions (Value $1000+)
  • Delicious Food and Drinks (Value of $400)
  • Resort Style Accommodations (Value $1000+)
  • Exclusive Swag Bag (Value $50+)
  • Professional Branding and Headshot Photos (Value $300)
only 1 Left!

Private Room

$ 3297
  • Private Room with King or Queen Bed
  • Live Speakers and Custom Biz Workshops ($500+)
  • Daily Experiential Transformation Sessions (Value $400+)
  • Delicious Food and Drinks (Value of $400)
  • Resort Style Accommodations (Value $1500+)
  • Exclusive Swag Bag (Value $50+)
  • Professional Branding and Headshot Photos (Value $300)
Only 1 Left!

*Photos may not be of exact room.


$ 4794
  • Private Room for 2 with King or Queen Bed
  • Live Speakers and Custom Biz Workshops ($1000+)
  • Daily Experiential Transformation Sessions (Value $1000+)
  • Delicious Food and Drinks (Value of $400)
  • Resort Style Accommodations (Value $1500+)
  • Exclusive Swag Bag (Value $50+)
  • Professional Branding and Headshot Photos (Value $300)
Only 1 Left!

*Photos may not be of exact room.

Wanna see more!?

Exclusive Swag Bag

A specially curated swag bag that will surely make you giddy!​

daily transformational experiences

From yoga to sound healing to breathwork and more! Whatever it is you'll be surprised And blown away with the power of each of these experiences.

branding headshots

Receive a customized branding photohsoot and walk away with professional headshots that you can use to attract your clients with your new power

Questions??? I got ya!

Me: You’ll check in Friday March 1. You’ll have full retreat days on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Then check out Tuesday morning March 5, 2024. The retreat will be in Sedona, Az

Me: Your ticket is fully refundable PRIOR to 12/31/23.  After 1/1/24, there is a $500 non-refundable deposit. Cancellation within 45 prior to retreat is non-refundable but can be transferred to future retreat.

A: Friday is arrival day! Plan to make travel arrangements to arrive by 3pm. If you arrive prior to that time we’ll have optional activities for you to help support relaxing and getting into the retreat vibe. 

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will have a variety of transformational experiences, workshops, and implementation time for you to collaborate, integrate, and recharge.

Tuesdy is checkout day! Anticipate a breakfast send off and relaxing morning prior to heading out on your travels.

A: We love Sedona and know you will too and may want some extra time to explore on your own. 

If you’d like to add Tuesday night lodging onto your stay, you can for an additional $50 (meals not included).

However, due to needing space to prepare for the retreat, we unfortunately don’t have the option for checkin on Thursday.

A: Great question! Phoenix and Flagstaff are the easiest airports to fly into. 

There are a variety of transportation options from Phoenix or Flagstaff, including a ride shuttle, uber, rental car, etc.

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